A decision to lift the fracking ban is due to be debated by the council, with local authorities urged to stick to their policy of rejecting any plans to drill on land they control.

Bolton The Liberal Democrats reacted angrily to the government’s announcement that fracking could now go ahead in England.

The ruling overturned a ban on the controversial process, introduced in 2019 after concerns about aftershocks.

Bolton’s Liberal Democrat group has said the Conservatives have broken their campaign promise and will now allow fracking to resume in England without any scientific evidence that it is safe.

Their leader, Cllr Roger Hayes, said there was huge public concern that fracking could cause landslides, groundwater contamination, air pollution and human impacts health.

He said a 2014 DEFRA report predicted that house prices were likely to fall by seven per cent within one mile of fracking wells and that there would also be an increase in insurance for homes within five miles of the wells.

Cllr Hayes pointed out that the whole of Bolton is covered by search zones designated by fracking companies.

He said: “In 2015, local Lib Dems presented a 2,500-name petition and convinced the council to refuse any drilling applications on land they control.

“We will table a motion at the next council meeting to strengthen this position and also to call on the government to reverse its decision.

“We need incentives to use renewable energy and to start a program to ensure that houses are properly insulated.”

The proposal will be considered at the session on October 12.


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