3 week’s USFL again raised the top of the power rating. Both divisions saw some separation between first place and the rest. Another week of divisional matches before the week of inter-divisional games, let’s see which USFL teams came out on top.

USFL power rating

There was only one undefeated USFL team left after Breakers and Stallions met each other in Week 3. Eventually, the stallions completed their third straight return in the fourth quarter and moved on to 3-0. Meanwhile, the generals began building their pillow in the North Division after the removal of the Star. Let’s see how the 3rd week stock shocked the USFL Power Rankings.

1) Birmingham Stallins (3-0)

Welcome to first place in the USFL power rankings, Birmingham. May your stay be longer than the last two numbers 1. QB J’Mar Smith is the heart and soul of this troubled crime. Even facing a 13-10 deficit in the fourth quarter for the third week in a row, Smith got the Stallions offensive on the field, scoring 10 points in the fourth quarter to win a massive game for Birmingham.

Although the attack may have started slowly, the defense allows you to control the games. LB Scooby Wright III scored 17 selections and crucial forced groping on the early gate line. A full 60 minutes after the attack of the stallions should help them stay in 1st place after the 4th week against the bandits.

2) New Orleans Breakers (2-1)

While the 3rd week defeat by the stallions stings, the Breakers don’t sink far in the power rankings. They are still one of the best teams in the USFL to start this season. QB Kyle Sloter – one of the best calls in the league developing a fantastic connection with WR Johnnie Dixon. What summed up the Breakers for 3 weeks is their strength from the first two weeks. After the first two victories of New Orleans did not allow the ball, the offensive line of the Breakers lost to 4 Birmingham.

The season is only three weeks, so there is plenty of time for adjustments to the standings, but confronting the stallions will not bring the Breakers any help in the short term. At this point, head coach Larry Fyodor needs to start a new series and regain momentum.

3) New Jersey Generals (2-1)

The Generals climbed one spot in the USFL power rankings after defeating the Stars. While the system with two defenders sounds amazing, HC Mike Riley implemented it surprisingly well. QB DeAndre Johnson seems to be 1A compared to Luis Perez’s 1B, but that turns into a win for the Generals.

Johnson’s ability to run with football gives the ball in his hands more. Johnson executed 6 of 8 passes for 130 yards, running for 91 yards and landing. The defense also continues its advance. Giving Houston 28 points in Week 2, the Generals responded by closing the best pass in the USFL. They should continue to grow with only a date against the Pittsburgh Maulers for 4 weeks.

4) Philadelphia Stars (1-2)

The third week was turbulent for Philadelphia after QB’s Brian Scott collapsed due to a knee injury. Case Kukus did well in his place, but the Stars need Scott to hold second place in the Northern Division. While the offense was limited due to Scott’s injury, it wasn’t that that led them to slip into the USFL Power Rankings.

It is necessary to strengthen the protection of the “Stars”. Outbreaks of attack have made the story amusing, but the defense has given away 23 and 24 points in the last two weeks. The only team against which the Maulers scored a touchdown is the Stars, and they scored 3. They scored just 3 points in two other games together. Hopefully the 269-yard cut defense of the “Generals” will push Philadelphia to make some changes.

5) Tampa Bay Bandits (2-1)

Looking like the best team in the league in the 1st week, in the 2nd week the “Bandits” entered the race “Breakers”. Thus, the victory of “Tampa” over “Gamblers” with a score of 27-26 was exactly the answer he needed. Bandits had a nice interception away with a deficit of 16 points during the break. QB Jordan Taamu and the striker responded by scoring 13 points in the second half, while the defense held Houston with just 3 points.

We’ve seen what thugs can do on both sides of the ball if they’re at their best. The second half of Ta’amu’s week 3 version will be paramount against the stallions in week 4. Also, the thugs need protection from the Week 1 game against the Maulers if they want to return to the Southern Division playoffs.

6) Houston Gamblers (1-2)

At this point, the USFL power rating is deepening in talent. The Gamblers ’defense is tough, forcing them to overcome and sow chaos across the field. If only they had the constant support of the defender. Clayton Thorson played his best game of the season in Week 3, and that was still not enough to defeat the Bandits.

RB Mark Thompson continues to be the driving force of any offensive cohesion as the best back in the USFL. His 147-yard performance in Week 3 pushes him for the season to 310 yards, a 57-yard gap from second place. If players can learn to complete the game, they may be able to dig themselves out of the basement of the Southern Division.

7) Michigan Panthers (1-2)

Unfortunately for the North, they have two worst teams in the USFL. That moment became even more apparent when one of them destroyed the other in week 3. After their week-long journey to the bottom of Michigan climbs to one spot in the USFL power rankings. Although the Panthers are not one of the best teams in the USFL, they are quite high in one area: running football.

Panther’s constant offensive momentum came from a strong rapid attack. At this point QB Shea Patterson may not have been the best solution for the first overall draft. However, Michigan needs him to play pure football now and not spoil things. Second place in the north is expected. Can the Panthers surprise Philadelphia’s weak throwing defense with frustration?

8) Pittsburgh Mawlers (0-3)

If you haven’t won a game yet, it’s hard to put a team above the last, especially if they’re the only ones. In Week 1, the Mawlers were the only team not killing a touchdown. Then, in the 3rd week, they became the first team to remain without points after the defeat of the “Panthers” with a score of 24-0. So they go back to the bottom of the USFL power rankings.

HC Kirby Wilson was forced to change QB, and the move to Kyle Lawlet seemed to bring some dividends. Maulers find a place on the ground to run (an average of 4.7 yards per carry), but just can’t turn drives into points. There is still plenty of time to steal a place in the playoffs in the humble Northern Division, but the 4th week game against the Generals will be a major test for Pittsburgh.

USFL Power Rankings: Birmingham crashes the Breakers’ party

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