Lisa Nandy of Labor defended Sir Keira Starmer’s “Mr Rules” and said it was “not illegal to eat” following recent statements about alleged COVID violations by party leaders.

Sir Keir said he was working and stopped eating when he was taken down for a beer in a room in Durham last April – at a time when the rules forbade mixing at home indoors other than work.

Durham police are now investigating the incident and a leaked note received by the Mail of Sunday seems to shed new light about what happened – but Ms. Nandy accused the Tories of trying to “fill in the mud”.

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Police are investigating the Durham incident in April 2021

The Labor leader, who is a former director of the prosecutor’s office, is under pressure over so-called claims to Birgate because he himself has harshly criticized Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s breach of the blockade.

But Ms. Nandy told Sunday News Sophie Ridge: “It is frankly absurd on the part of the Tories to claim that this is in any way equivalent to a prime minister who was under police investigation for 12 separate rallies that included karaoke parties. own parties on bottles, quizzes in pubs, suitcases full of wine are smuggled through the back door.

“The prime minister lied about it, he denied that they were happening, he denied that he was there. He was clean and laughed at that. ”

Ms. Nandy said it could not be equated to a “working visit with scheduled food breaks.”

“Eating was not illegal,” she said.

Ms. Nandy declined to say whether Sir Cair should resign if police find he has broken the rules.

She said it “gives legitimacy to something that is completely and utterly absurd.”

Memoir of Keira Starmer.  Photo: The Mail On Sunday
Photo: The Mail On Sunday

“I am absolutely sure that no rules were broken, not least because it was investigated last time the Conservatives tried to cover us with mud, and it was found that Keir Starmer was completely clean,” she said.

“This is a guy who isolated himself six times during the pandemic.

“I don’t know of any other person who has done this.

“He’s Mr. Rules, he doesn’t break the rules.

“He was the director of the state prosecutor’s office, not the one who breaks the rules when it’s convenient for him, unlike the prime minister.”

But Deputy Prime Minister Dominique Raab told Sky News: “People are crazy about double standards.”

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer visited the county of West Donbartanshire, where the party won a landslide victory in the Scottish election, but he was unable to avoid questions about the
Sir Keir Starmer has been described as “Mr. Rules”

The comments came after a note received by Mail on Sunday stated that dinner was included in the schedule for the day in April 2021 during the local elections and the election campaign in Hartlepool.

The document noted that from 20:40 to 22:00 there will be a “lunch at Miners Hall” with MP from the city of Durham Mary Foy.

The note stated that an employee of Sir Keira’s office should arrange for takeaway meals from the Spice Lounge.

The only thing mentioned after dinner was that Sir Cair should return to the hotel – he had previously claimed that he had “stopped for a meal” and continued to work after a meal, saying “the idea that no one works at 10 o’clock at night is absurd ».

Ms. Nandy told Sky News that the note “demonstrates what happened exactly what continued, as Keir Starmer said.”

On Saturday, Diane Abbott became the first Labor MP to publicly state that Sir Keir may have to resign if he is fined for the incident.

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