Biden warns that Trump and “MAGA forces” want to strip Americans of their rights

President Joe Biden gave an impassioned speech about the “battle for the nation’s soul” to address the growing anti-democratic agenda in the US.

He warned that “equality and democracy are under attack” in the US as he sounded the alarm over his predecessor, Donald Trumpand “MAGA Republican” allies, calling them an extremist threat to the nation and its future.

“MAGA forces are determined to take this country back,” the president said. “Back to America, where there is no choice, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no right to marry the one you love.”

“For a long time, we have convinced ourselves that American democracy is guaranteed. But that’s not the case,” Mr. Biden said. “We have to protect it. Protect it. Stand up for it. Each of us.”

Remarks of the President in PhiladelphiaThis week, Independence National Historical Park marks his second appearance in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania after he delivered a speech outlining his position on gun control and violence prevention legislation.


What did MAGA Republicans think of the speech?

Here’s an initial impression of Newsmax:


Analysis: Biden makes protecting democracy itself a top campaign issue

The IndependentEric Garcia writes:

On Thursday, the president Joe Biden delivered his keynote address on the “soul of America” ​​and the state of democracy in the United States Pennsylvaniawhere the republican Doug Mastrianoa state senator who wanted to detain approval of the 2020 presidential electionis running for governor.

Mr Mastriano was also present at the US Capitol on the day of the riots on January 6 (although he says he left before the riots) and fan buses with Donald Trump to Washington that day. If he is elected this November, he could easily cheat and try to block the confirmation of the results of the 2024 presidential election if the commonwealth elects a Democrat for president.

It was the MAGA Republicans that Mr. Biden chose to warn Americans about in his prime-time State of Democracy speech.



Lindsey Graham tells Biden to ‘stop lecturing’

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was not impressed with President Joe Biden’s speech tonight, tweeting: “With all due respect Mr. President, there is nothing wrong with the soul of America. The American people are suffering because of your policies. Rampant inflation. Crime is out of control. Terrorism is on the rise. Boundaries are violated. Stop lecturing and change your politics before it’s too late.”

Mr. Biden has indirectly criticized Trump apologists such as Mr. Graham in recent days.


Watch: Biden urges Americans to do their part in 2022 and beyond


Biden warns about extremism of Trump and the Republican Party, which threatens “the very foundations of our republic”

President Joe Biden used a dramatic prime-time address to the nation on Thursday to warn of the dangers to American democracy posed by the former president’s cronies Donald Trump and other candidates from the Republican Party who want to deprive citizens of their basic rights.

Standing on what he called the “hallowed ground” of Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park — the site where America’s founding documents were negotiated and drafted — Mr. Biden called the ideas embodied in the document, “equality and democracy,” a “rock.” , on which the USA was built.

The president warned that these ideas are now under attack.

Eric Garcia and Andrew Feinberg report The Independent.


Biden: America is at a tipping point

Tonight, President Biden said, “I believe America is at a tipping point. One of those moments that defines the shape of everything that follows. And now America must choose whether to move forward or move backward. To build the future or admire the past.”


ACLU supports Biden in defense of democracy

A statement released by ACLU Deputy Policy Director Ben Needham reads:

We cannot agree on the attacks facing our democracy that President Biden spoke about tonight. The constant menace, The Big Lie, is perpetrated by people spreading baseless conspiracy theories about widespread voter fraud. At the ACLU, this election cycle we are committed to making sure voters are well informed about elected officials who are promoting the myth of voter fraud.

Every American should be concerned that there are politicians using these baseless claims as a justification for passing voter suppression laws and failing to improve access to voting. These efforts actively threaten the political power of the target communities.

While the ACLU will continue to litigate and fight back against discriminatory and illegal voter suppression efforts, President Biden and federal agencies have a great opportunity thanks to last year’s executive order to build on the work already being done at the state and local levels to register eligible Americans. Ultimately, Congress must pass federal voting rights legislation to protect the right to vote for all Americans. Our democracy cannot be taken for granted, it must be protected and strengthened in every state.


Biden: Democracy ‘can’t survive’ if Trump supporters believe ‘they’re either going to win or they’re screwed’

Joe Biden blasted Donald Trump and his supporters for their growing denial of the election during a prime-time address from Philadelphia, calling it an attack on “the most fundamental freedom in this country, the freedom to vote and have your vote counted.”


In pictures: Biden addresses the nation with a fiery speech about the soul of America

President Joe Biden arrives with First Lady Jill Biden to speak outside Independence Hall on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022, in Philadelphia





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