Bella Ramsay spoke magnificently about her friendship with The last of us co-star and internet dad Pedro Pascal on ITV The Jonathan Ross Show.

On Saturday night (March 18), Bella described Pascal, who plays Joel The last of usas the “master gum hider” and said she learned to hide her chewing gum from him.

The actor, who plays Eli, said of their friendship: “It’s very real. Imagine if it was all fake? That would be gross,” to which Jonathan Ross quipped, “that would be acting.”

“I love him. I miss him,” Bella continued. “He’s living his best life in Los Angeles. Mandalorian just came out so he’s very busy. We were both on Game of Thrones but at different times of the year.’

Bella Ramsey joined The Jonathan Ross Show by Taken star Liam Neeson, comedian and Unforgivable host Mel Gedroitz, comedian Munya Chavawa and singer Lady Thrush.

Bella wore a whimsical gray suit with shorts by American designer Tom Brown. The jacket was patterned with spots of striped light gray in the shape of whales. Gray knee highs and glasses from the British brand Black Eyewear completed the look.

Jonathan Ross praised her outfit as “the best we’ve ever had on the show”.

Supporters The last of ushowever, will not be thrilled with the news that we will have to wait a long time season two adaptation of the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic video game.

Ramsey said: “It will take a while. I think we’ll be shooting maybe late this year, early next year. So it will probably be late 2024, early 2025.”

Jonathan Ross asked Ramsey about her scene-stealing role in the Game of Thronesas Lyanna Marmont, Lady of Bear Island and has she watched the HBO fantasy drama series.

She replied: “No, I was too young. We were not a family that grew up watching TV. My older sister had heard of it and knew what it was, but no, I had never seen it.

“I watched Terrible Henry and Come and dine with me “I was obsessed with Come Dine With Me when I was 8.”

Unfortunately, Ross didn’t ask Bella what she loved Come and dine with me moment – perhaps the iconic scene where a contestant, out of nowhere, puts a (very large) chocolate-covered crown into their mouth?

After receiving the public recognition, Bella described the phenomenon as “pretty amazing”. “It’s more consistent, it’s more like every time I go out now. Some people have panic attacks!

“It would be very unpleasant for me to see someone I know on the street. Most of the time, people are very nice. I haven’t had a bad experience yet.”

She described awkward moments with fans with mild humour, such as when she was first recognized in the “toilet queue at St Pancras station” and when someone noticed she was eating soup at Pret a Manger.

This led to a nice discussion with Mel Gedroitz about what the best pret soup is, with Mel extolling the virtues of chicken soup sandwiches and brown rice cafes. Bella was quick to point out that she’s vegan and doesn’t pick this flavor.

Mel Gedroits says she “literally couldn’t handle” The Last of Us

Mel admitted that she actually watched no more than one episode The last of usbecause it was too scary.

“I watched the first episode and I had to go to the office and sleep in a single bed by myself to deal with the fear. I couldn’t be in bed with my husband if he turned into a carnivorous zombie. I literally couldn’t handle it.”

Start a discussion about the reality of cordyceps, a fungus that is essentially destroying the world The last of usand whether such a dystopian scenario could actually happen, probably had little effect on Mel’s fear level.

Mel also revealed that she will participate in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, which took place from 9 to 13 May.

Mel said: “I’ll be in the commentary box. I’m not going to do it 100 per cent because Graham Norton will be performing on stage and then jumping between the box and the stage.’

Mel added: “I’m obsessed. It’s so good. This year is going to be so brilliant. We are in Liverpool and we are accepting on behalf of Ukraine – it will be very sharp and very strong. We have a great entry into the UK in Mae Mueller – I love her.’

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The Last of Us’ Bella Ramsey on her friendship with Pedro Pascal: ‘Imagine if it was all fake?’

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