• Discovering groundbreaking prototypes and a first-of-its-kind study, Bath Spa University hosted a hybrid Amplified Publishing event
  • At the sold-out event, panelists from the University of Bath Spa, Amplified Publishing and three companies from Bristol and Bath discussed the future of publishing and its impact on inclusiveness.
  • Participants experienced the excitement of the digital double through live music at Bristol’s Lost Horizon, which was also broadcast to a virtual audience.

Bath Spa University and Amplified Publishing presented exclusive panel discussions by industry leaders about future content creation models and demonstrated groundbreaking prototypes, including one that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve communication accessibility.

The Amplified Publishing program is part of Bristol + Bath Creative R + Da government-funded £ 6.8 million cluster of creative industries designed to develop Bristol and Bath’s thriving creative economy.

Located in Studio in Bath in the first part of the day the hybrid event continued in The lost horizon in Bristol later in the afternoon and evening.

The three panel discussions explored different topics: how innovative technologies can reach new audiences, discover new ways to generate income, ethical and inclusive technology practices, and creative community-building challenges.

Discussions were followed by an empirical event at the music and art platform Lost Horizon, where their prototype technology captured physical performance along with a live broadcast of a digital twin that users could join virtually via a VR headset.

Participants and investors had an exclusive opportunity to explore the “experience room”, meet with prototype teams and interact with their projects, which included the following:

Stormer – Monsters trade the nightmares of humanity

Using environmentally friendly and sustainable NFT, the Stormjar team worked to create the first-of-its-kind social horror experience called “Nightmare Auction,” where monsters trade humanity’s nightmares.

Grid N – Help creators reach fans, find an audience and monetize content

Network N has created Follower.TV to empower both creators and consumers. The platform creates easy access to multiple channels, using customers and partners to ensure that users are no longer dependent on algorithms and see only what is important to them.

The lost horizon – 3D addictive social VR and games

Lost Horizon has developed a 3D immersive social VR and gaming environment as a digital counterpart to its physical venue. It provides a rich, intuitive and detailed 3D open-world gaming environment that offers real-time social access to a global network of real venues and festivals.

Kate Pulinger, director of the Center for Cultural and Creative Industries at Bath Spa and head of Amplified Publishing, commented: “As the publishing company remains the largest employer in the creative industries in Bristol and Bath, we are excited to find new and innovative ways to publish on all platforms.

“We were excited to host what was the culmination of a year of research and prototyping by our incredibly talented team. Participants were given an exclusive opportunity to learn about groundbreaking research designed to have a real impact on patients with ALS, ensuring that inclusiveness stands in the head in a variety of areas.

“Funding for the Research Council for the Arts and Humanities (AHRC) Bristol + Bath Creative R + D has been crucial so that we can explore the future of publications in games, books, online, VR / AR and audio, and that’s it it’s great to see the government investing in Bath and Bristol as the future of technology innovation in the UK ”.

Paul Jones, senior manager of the British networking team at British Business Bank, said: “I am always pleased to meet creative entrepreneurs, and this event did not disappoint! All three vigorously and clearly presented their prototype, with excellent problem definition and demonstration of their exciting solution. The future is secure where such programs create such good start-ups. ”

Bath Spa University drives tech innovation through successful interactive event

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