The government’s plan to sell Channel 4 was a highlight at this year’s BAFTA TV Awards, as the stars have vowed to fight for the broadcaster to be in state hands.

Award-winning director Steve McQueen for his documentary The Uprising told viewers at the Royal Festival in London that audiences should “hold on tighter” to the BBC and Channel 4, adding that we should “fight for inches, inches and inches”. “.

Comedian Holly Walsh, who writes for “Motherland”, said in the hall: “Public broadcasting is a testament to what makes the BBC and Channel 4 such bloody fiction.”

Time, Help and Big Zuu: Complete list of winners of this year’s BAFTA TV

At the groundbreaking ceremony for Channel 4, Gogglebox revealed reality and made an actual award, and the show’s creator used his winning speech to also support the broadcaster.

“Googlebox could have ended when it started nine years ago because it had modest ratings, but government channel 4, which takes risks, believed in it and they stuck to it,” said Stephen Lambert.

“If the government goes with its destructive plan to end Channel 4, that kind of risk won’t go away, and much of it will end without good reason.”

Comedian Mo Gilligan also sang Channel 4, saying after winning his Lateish Show: “They let me bring joy to the black boy, I really appreciate that.

“It would have been impossible without Channel 4, I know everyone said that, but it’s so important.”

Moe Gilligan

It was a good night for the broadcasters

Elsewhere, public broadcasters won the biggest evening of British television.

The BBC prison drama “Time” won two awards, including Best Mini-Series, overcoming fierce competition from such as “It’s a Sin”, “Stephen” from ITV and “Landscapes Sky”.

Sean Bean received the Best Actor award for his role in the show, saying he was “killed” in a letter read by the show’s producer.

The drama Channel 4 COVID “Help” also received a couple of awards, with trophies going to Katie Tyson and Jodie Camera for supporting actress and best female role respectively.

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The New Doctor Who is on the red carpet

Sex education star Nkuti Gatwa took to the stage to loud applause hours after it was announced he will be the next Doctor Who.

Joking with their colleague Amy Lou Wood, they told an anecdote, using it as positions, before presenting the prize for the comedy script to the sitcom BBC “Motherland”.

Giovanni Pernis and Rose Eiling-Ellis of Strictly Come Dancing won the award, which they recognized as mandatory for watching the chosen dance of their moving couple in the latest series, in which they danced a piece of silence inspired by deaf Eiling-Ellis.

Eiling-Ellis said: “It’s a very special moment for us because I hope it showed how powerful the TV can be, where it actually made a difference. It even helped BSL [British Sign Language] the law will be passed recently.

Rose Eiling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernis impressed with the silent element of one of their performances at Strictly Come Dancing.  Photo: Ray Burmiston / BBC
Rose Eiling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernis won the “Courageous to See the Moment” award, which was recognized by the public. Photo: Ray Burmiston / BBC

“It has made people stand up for sign language more and just have a better awareness of the deaf and a positive attitude towards people. We still have a long way to go, but it’s such a great start. We’re so, so, so proud of it.” “

Rapper Big Zuu twice won the ceremony for his show on Dave Big Zuu’s Big Eats, while Stath Lets Flats star on Channel 4 Jamie Demetriou also received a BAFTA – his third award in three years.

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Scottish comedian Billy Connolly was awarded a BAFTA scholarship by speaking in the hall with a funny video speech.

Big Yin, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, said: “I’m very proud of getting this. Life is good. I haven’t been on stage for about two years. It’s kind of nice. It suits me.

“Among you who are watching the symptoms, you may notice that my left side is different from my right. It’s just one of those things. Parkinson’s disease. I suffer greatly from this disease.

“My wife dresses me in the morning and shoots me in the evening. It’s a fun life. I have no complaints. “

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