The application for the land in Salesfield Road was approved during a planning committee meeting on Thursday (March 16).

Although councilors felt the plans “make good use of the surplus land” and are a “logical extension of Ardingly village”, there was a lot of sympathy from people who opposed the application.

The council received 24 letters of objection to the plans, which raised concerns including the impact of the new homes on the Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty and nature reserve, the lack of infrastructure and the increased traffic the development would bring.

Plans for 35 homes in Salesfield Road, Ardingley, are to be considered by Mid Sussex District Council. Image: GoogleMaps

But in the adopted Development Plan, the site is designated for development, which means that it will be very difficult to come up with a reason for refusal that would withstand an appeal.

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Colin Trumble (Con, Hurstpierpoint & Downs) said: “I think it’s a shame [the site] going to concrete, I’m honest.

“But we can’t argue against that because the principle of development is established, so it will be cemented.”

He added: “We are where we are. We have an application scheme, the principle is established. We have means of access that are agreed upon [West Sussex] Motorways.

“I don’t think there’s anywhere to go.”

The development will consist of two, three, four and five bedroom homes with access to the site via Salesfield Road, close to the South of England Showground.

Eleven of the new homes will be classified as affordable.

Issues such as site layout and house design will be discussed at the next meeting.

To view an application, go to and search for DM/22/1575.

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