What can people do alone? What can computers do? And what can people and computers when they work together? Apple’s latest accessibility features give us a sense of new ways in which technology and people can complement each other.

Congratulations on World Accessibility Day

This week Apple celebrates World Accessibility Day with news of these future improvements, as well as a series of special sessions, hand-picked collections and more.

The company will also introduce in Canada SignTime on May 19, a service that connects Apple Store customers and Apple support with sign language interpreters on demand. SignTime was introduced in a timely manner for 2021 Global Accessibility Awareness Day and is already available in the US, UK and France.

But, in my opinion, the most interesting thing is that Apple plans to expand its existing accessibility features through machine learning to provide sophisticated solutions to help people with disabilities move, communicate, take care of their health and more.

This seems to be a useful illustration of how computers can magnify a person.

“Apple incorporates accessibility into every aspect of our work, and we strive to create better products and services for all,” said Sarah Herlinger, Apple’s senior director of accessibility policies and initiatives. statement. She noted that these new features reflect the contribution of teams from across the company.

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