Anna Richardson known for the contagious energy she throws into everything she does. After all, not everyone can matchmakers of naked strangers on national TV!! Friendly Naked attraction the host even gives us advice regarding our own love life.

But despite being aware of the rendezvous, Anna tells us that she had a fair share of broken hearts.

She revealed: “No one can ever prepare you for this. Even if it happens several times in your life, you just never get used to it. ”

Anna is single after parting ways with former Great British Bake Off host Sue Perkins, as reported last June.

It was said that the couple, who had been together for about seven years, were “devastated” after the breakup.

Anna Richardson says she was never ready for a heartbreak

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Anna said, “I don’t think I know if you’ll be more resilient as you get older, but a broken heart certainly remains a mystery to be solved and how to overcome it and become stronger.”

The star also told us about the biggest problem she has faced so far, and sincerely shows that she will come to terms with aging.

“I’ve thought about it before, and you know what? Honestly, she is getting old, and up to 50, ”she admitted.

Anna Richardson broke up with Sue Perkins last June
Anna Richardson broke up with Sue Perkins last June

“Before, we were all very obsessed with reaching 40. I’m telling you, wait until you’re forty, early fifty!”

Anna added that she believes that reaching these iconic ages often makes you doubt your life decisions.

“You’re menopausal, you’re starting to think, ‘Am I getting married right?’ And for many of my friends who are going through divorces, you start thinking, “God, I forgot to have kids.” What now? ‘”

Anna Richardson performs before Naked Attraction
Anna Richardson performs before Naked Attraction

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She added: “This is a really fundamental and deep understanding [if you haven’t had children] that: ‘My God, I can’t do that anymore.’ Even if I wanted to. “

She admitted that she feels a “slow, relentless fear” when she thinks about the next 30 years of her life, saying, “It seems like a bit of a downturn. And it’s very, very difficult. “

Next, Anna told us that one of her biggest worries about the future is the lack of parents. “We should not underestimate the fact that our parents then become very ill and die,” she said.

Anna Richardson has teamed up with TalkTalk in a new campaign
Anna Richardson has teamed up with TalkTalk in a new campaign

“I recently had a lot of friends who lost their parents. It’s a really difficult rite, and no one tells you. “

But one thing that is always guaranteed to lift Anna’s spirits is her charming rescue dog Tig Staffie.

“My salvation is an absolute joy. I’ve always had cats and rabbits, but it was amazing to get Tiga about four years ago. As an adult I didn’t have a dog, so I was a little scared. But she is the love of my life. You can’t be bored if you have a dog. “

Anna Richardson pictured with her charming courtyard
Anna Richardson pictured with her charming courtyard

Among other things, Anna collaborated with TalkTalk in the new company, exploring how the new TalkTalk Future Fiber 900 package and Total Home Wi-Fi provide a complete connection to the home regardless of its shape and size.

“When it comes to interior design, I’ve always liked the unusual – it’s bold, unconventional and unique features that make the house individual for me! But people who like to live in fancy houses and want to use every room do not need to suffer when it comes to connection, ”she shared.

“The TalkTalk Future Fiber 900 and Total Home Wi-Fi package uses the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology to maintain high speeds and extend Wi-Fi reach throughout your home – without compromising personal style!”

Interior TV presenter Anna has teamed up with TalkTalk to tour two of the UK’s most unusual homes, exploring
both the new TalkTalk Future Fiber 900 package and Total Home Wi-Fi provide a full home connection regardless of
its shape or size. to visit for more information

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