An American counterpart has acquired the Southport business, which stands behind high-tech solutions for medical modeling, education and training.

Echo Healthcare has acquired Immersive Interactive to expand its healthcare and education simulation offering.

With the acquisition, Immersive Interactive will become part of the global organization Echo Healthcare, retaining its offices and continuing to develop and maintain the Immersive Interactive product line in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

“The acquisition of Immersive Interactive is an important step in the evolution of our product suite, which allows us to expand market access, improve the team and further determine value,” said Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.

“We are pleased to add that the merger of the two companies does not lead to job losses, but in fact provides more opportunities than ever before.”

David Salt and Chris Porter, co-founders and partners, will join Echo Healthcare in senior management positions, and the entire Immersive team will also join the acquiring.

Porter said: “By bringing two amazing companies together, we will immediately understand efficiency, access to resources and speeding up the roadmap.”

The deal provides a way out for institutional investor Immersive Mercia Asset Management plc. Mercia first supported the company in 2013, using funding from the Northwest Venture Capital Fund and then through the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund.

American takeover at Immersive Interactive

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