Oh, did you think the world’s biggest sporting event was over now that the 2020 Olympics were over? Don’t let T.J. Avalanche hear how you say it.

Challenge Wednesday, August 11, will bring back its 37th season, and it is by far MTV’s most ambitious reality hit season. Spies, lies and allies 17 international players along with the best players of the United States, including the returned champion and legendary Challenger CT Tamburello. But more importantly, this season the cast consists of the same number of newcomers as veterans, attracting competitors from Survived, The island of love and other franchises.

And if you were thinking of winning Challenge it was hard to imagine how to put together a cast for this, which is exactly what the producer and casting host of Sky Topic has been performing since season 26. If the show is a circus, consider Topika the instigator, collecting and managing the talent that got to the main stage. And she stopped her trial in an interview with E! News, the deployment of the show on the global stage, the difference between a good participant in reality TV and Challenger and what newcomers need to watch Spies, lies and allies.

Oh, and she answers the biggest question of many fans: where the hell is it Johnny Bananas?!


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