Adadotintelligent analytical software, raises $ 1 million to make success and well-being in the workplace sustainable for millions of skilled professionals.

Adadot operates on the basis of advanced technologies used to understand and manage the correlation between performance and well-being at work. The software combines productivity and collaboration tools used daily to help developers improve how they work and feel.

Like a fitness tracker, it provides a unique visibility of “how good it looks” to each person, while identifying areas for improvement. The solution is privacy primarily by design, giving complete control and value to the individual, but only giving aggregate team data to managers.

Founding team Alex Harris and Jason Spiliatapoulos spent most of their working lives after graduating from Oxford and Imperial respectively, leading remote technical teams for companies like Ocado, and experiencing hybrid workout challenges.

Alex Harris, co-founder and CEO: “If not everyone is in the office, it is very difficult to understand whether you are moving in the right direction both individually and as a team. Most software focuses on tactical information, such as the status of tasks. However, the current issues are on a completely different level: are we getting faster or better, and are we burning out in the process? ”

The team is supported by stellar investors and consultants such as venture funds LAUNCHub and daFUND, Charles Songhurst (former head of mergers and acquisitions at Microsoft), James Isilai (CEO of Cognism), Jane Gilson (former head of Microsoft and Google) and others.

Stan Sirakov of LAUNCHub Ventures: “Working well, if working well, is no longer a compromise. Technicians in both their own and remote environments need key indicators and useful information about their performance, collaboration, and patterns of well-being. We are excited to support Alex and Jason in their quest for a more efficient and balanced work and life through a tracking solution that rewards the best performers and beats anxiety for the overworked. By investing in Adadot, we want to be part of these positive changes in the future. “

Darka Butina from daFUND shared her reasons for supporting the company: “Adadot solves some of the most pressing issues related to the modern work environment – burnout, as well as how we can better collaborate remotely. We believe that the team led by Alex and Jason will keep their promises and make today’s modern and at least partially remote work environment better and more enjoyable – and save a few people from burnout in the process. “

The recent launch of Adadot on Product Hunt reached the desired product day of the day № 1 with lots of positive comments from the community. Adadot also won a highly competitive Innovate UK SMART grant in collaboration with the University of Warwick to expand its offering in artificial intelligence and create a smart referral system.
The company is currently intensively looking for new innovative technology companies to add to its customer list.

About Adadot:
Manufacturer of the SaaS cloud platform, which sets the global standard for Future of Work analytics.
Contact Adadot: Alex Harris, 07531788280, [email protected]

About LAUNCHub:
LAUNCHub Ventures is a leading early-stage venture capital fund in Southeast Europe that is scaling up its start-up business and passionate founders from Southeast Europe and the wider CEE region. The fund is focused on seeds and series A
Contact LAUNCHub: [email protected]

About daFUND:
daFUND is a pan-European venture capital fund that works on the basis of experienced entrepreneurs, managers, founders and investors together with Business Angels of Slovenia. daFUND invests in early-stage startups (pre-sit) that focus primarily on B2B and solve problems with software and digital solutions.
Contact daFUND: Darka Butina, +41 79 179 06 99, [email protected]

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Adadot secures £800k Pre-Seed investment from investors including LAUNCHub and daFUND

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