Piper Ayers, photographed during a night out with a drag performer, says she was kicked out of Dixie Roadhouse. (NBC-2)

A transgender woman has said she feels “worthless” after she was allegedly asked to leave a nightclub to use the women’s room.

According to a local news agency NBC-2Piper Ayers and her friends were at Dixie Roadhouse nightclub in Cape Coral, Florida on Friday (September 2) when staff asked her to leave.

Ty Jay Jackson, a friend of Ayers’, said security at the news outlet “doesn’t allow men to use the women’s restrooms” before they were kicked out.

Ayers said she tried to explain to security that she had not yet changed her ID, meaning it did not accurately reflect her gender identity.

“Next thing you know, they grab me and start pushing me out the front door,” she said.

“We went and spoke to the manager and all he could say was, ‘What’s on your ID.'”

She said the incident happened despite an inclusive sign at the entrance to Dixie Roadhouse that read: “If you’re racist, sexist, homophobic or just a jerk…don’t enter.”

Ayers said NBC-2: “We decided to come here, to Dixie, to have a little fun.

“I just felt worthless. As if I wasn’t human, or I didn’t have feelings and emotions. Just no respect.”

Florida has made headlines in recent months for passing anti-LGBTQ+ and specifically anti-trans laws, most notably The “Don’t Say Gay” law, which bans LGBTQ+ discussion, lives on in schools.

In August of this year, the state transgender people were barred from Medicaid receive gender-affirming medical care, including hormone medication and surgery.

Prohibition – similar to measures in c several other states including Arizona, Missouri and Texas – It is expected to affect the care of about 9,000 transgender Floridians.

LGBTQ+ civil rights organizations, including Lamda Legal, said in a statement they will “fight this rule and defend the rights of transgender people in Florida in any forum necessary to protect their rights to access health care.”

PinkNews Dixie Roadhouse has been contacted for comment.

Trans woman ‘shoved out of nightclub by security for using the bathroom’

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