The industrial initiative aims to connect Ukrainian refugees with career opportunities in the technology sector.

Fintech Without Frontiers, created by the Ozone API, called on businesses in the UK to take part in the event and match growth opportunities with talents displaced by the conflict in Russia.

Ukraine is a center of excellence and experience in technological innovation, which means that many refugees have skills that will be useful for fast-growing businesses. Fintech Without Frontiers says it will help people who have left their homes find work in the sector.

This initiative aims to support the growth of the participating technologies, as well as to provide career opportunities to those who have been forced to leave Ukraine. Fintech is a sector that is experiencing huge growth: investment in the UK reached $ 37.3 billion in 2021 compared to $ 5.2 billion in 2020. The industry craves talent, and people with the right skills have many career opportunities available.

Companies wishing to support Fintech Without Frontiers can sign its manifesto and provide job opportunities that can be conducted remotely or through visa support.

The manifesto includes commitments to provide fair compensation, conduct an appropriate recruitment process, and work closely with candidates who may be interviewed in a second language or suffered injuries during the invasion.

Fintech Without Frontiers is an industry team of companies including Ozone API, Moneyhub, RegAlytics, Allica Bank, Monese, Acin, Muse Finance, Ordo, Bloom Money, The Payments Association, Open Banking Excellence (OBE) and Innovate Finance.

“It was heartbreaking to see the situation unfold in Ukraine. We wanted to do something, but we are not able to write big checks like big corporations do, ”said Hugh Davis, co-founder and CEO of Ozone API.

“What we can do is hire talent. There are many more companies like us in the technology sector, so we thought we could do something positive by building a team and working together to open up all the opportunities for the industry to grow in front of relocated talent as they begin to rebuild their lives. ”

Want to enter a new market? Create a bridgehead

Moneyhub, a platform for open data and payments, was one of the first fans of Fintech Without Frontiers.

Samantha Sitan, CEO, said: “We have all watched with horror and disbelief the events unfolding in Ukraine. It’s bitter, and we’ve been looking for ways we can help displaced people virtually and immediately. The answer lies in cooperation.

“It is striking to see the sector come together to create Fintech Without Frontiers so that those experiencing conflict have a real opportunity to find work in an industry with exceptionally high growth.

“Displaced people need to be able to rebuild their lives and careers for a more stable future, and there is a huge opportunity for the fintech sector to help them do that and make a positive impact.”

Helen Child, founder of Open Banking Excellence, said: “What words are left to describe the war in Ukraine? Terrible devastation is not even approaching. Some of the stories in the news brought me to tears and maybe you too.

“Our hearts are to all those affected by the war. The vast majority have a desire to help. So how can we direct these sentiments to make a real difference?

“At Open Banking Excellence, we believe in the true power of community and see what collective good collaboration brings. We are proud to work with Fintech Without Frontiers. A great idea that has been put into practice by some truly dedicated people behind the scenes of fintechnology, they all come together for a common goal.

“It’s a wonderful demonstration of how when you bring wonderful people together, amazing things happen. It is a privilege to be able to share with our community more information about Fintech Without Frontiers.

“Fintech thrives on talent, creating so many opportunities that can be resources for Ukrainian refugees, and providing new prospects for employers, hope and opportunities for brave Ukrainians who have already taught us so much.”

New initiative to connect Ukrainian refugees with tech careers

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