A life-saving mother of twins will celebrate Mother’s Day for the first time

ROYAL National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) volunteer and new mum of twins, Nicole Fleming will be celebrating her first Mother’s Day this weekend.

Since 2016, Nicole has been helping to save lives at sea with a charity as a volunteer Anstruther Rescue station, at the same time he worked as a policeman.

Nicole will be celebrating her first holiday this weekend Mother’s Day as a mom after giving birth to twin girls Maeve and Marcy.

Nicole’s twin girls were born on September 8, 2022

Nicole said: “I’m really excited about my first Mother’s Day. Plus, it’s my first birthday as a mom on Saturday, so I can’t wait to be spoiled all weekend!”

Even with twins, Nicole continues to be devoted to her volunteer role at Anstruther RNLI in Fife, Scotland.

She said: “Volunteering with the RNLI has definitely changed since I had the baby, but I’m so lucky to have my partner and amazing mum by my side.

“Since I had the twins, I haven’t been on a call yet, but I know that my family and the lifeboat crew will help in an instant.

“My dad and brother-in-law also volunteer at Anstruther, so my mum and sister know what to do when it comes to shouting!

“When I have to visit the station I often take the girls with me as I have a wonderful support network with my RNLI family.

“When Maeve or Marcy start crying, there’s always someone to rock the pram or take them for a walk.”

Starting off by helping out at RNLI fundraising events, Nicole signed up as a volunteer shore team member and became a crew member just a year later lifeboats in Anstruther.

She said: “I wanted to join because I enjoyed spending time with lots of people. I love volunteering with the RNLI and the rewarding feeling of helping someone in need.”

During her six years on the crew, she was involved in many screams, including the unforgettable throw of a blind dog that fell from the pier onto the rocks.

Ahead of Mother’s Day, Nicole shared her advice for other moms who may want to volunteer: “Do it! It is so rewarding and my lifeboat family is so supportive.

“I’m hoping to complete my driver training course this year and if I do I’ll be the first female driver in Anstruther and I’ve done it with two children.

“It shows that nothing can stop you.”

Lifesaving mum of twins will celebrate her first Mother’s Day

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