Residents of a southwestern Japanese city have been attacked by monkeys that try to abduct babies by biting and gnawing their flesh and sneaking into kindergartens.

The attacks – 58 since July 8 – are becoming so frequent that Yamaguchi City Hall has hired a special unit to hunt animals with tranquilizers.

Monkeys are not interested in food, so the traps did not work.

The animals targeted mainly children and the elderly.

“They are so smart and they tend to sneak up and attack from behind, often grabbing your legs,” said city official Masato Saito.

If you’re facing a monkey, the instructions are: Don’t look it in the eye, make as much of an appearance as possible, such as by opening your coat, then back away as quietly as possible without making any sudden movements, according to Site.

A woman was attacked by a monkey as she hung laundry on her veranda, while another victim showed off her bandaged toes.

They were surprised and scared by how big and fat the monkeys were.

The monkeys terrorizing the community are the Japanese macaques, which are often depicted peacefully bathing in hot springs.

One male monkey, 49 centimeters (1.6 feet) tall and weighing seven kilograms (15 pounds), was captured by a team with a tranquilizer on Tuesday.

According to various evidence, it was one of the monkeys that attacked and was executed.

But after the capture, new attacks were reported.

So far, no one has been seriously injured, but everyone is recommended to be treated in a hospital.

In some cases, an ambulance was called.

Although Japan is industrialized and urban, much of the archipelago’s landmass is made up of mountains and forests.

There were rare attacks on humans by bears, wild boars or other wild animals, but usually not by monkeys.

No one seems to know why the attacks took place, and where exactly the monkey troop came from remains unclear.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life,” Saito said.

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