There is no one quite like that Madonna.

Although for the more than 30 years that she has ruled as Queen of Pop, there have been many imitators and contenders for the throne, very few have ever even come close to achieving such cultural longevity and influence. Thanks to his foresight and countless inventions, Her Madgesty is responsible for creating a template for the modern pop diva – give or take Cher. (Hey, everyone can consider someone else an inspiration, right?)

Her imprint on pop culture goes far beyond music, even with 14 albums behind her. Ever since she became famous in the 1980s, Madonna has added a director, author, entrepreneur and activist to her resume, always keeping fans on their feet when they ask what she will surprise them with next.

As she recounted USA Today in 1998, “I don’t reinvent myself; I go through the layers and reveal myself. I’m on a journey, an adventure that is constantly changing shape. “

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