After spending a lot in a free agency and left with one of Top NFL Draft Classes, The New York Jets are ready to take a step forward next year. With young players on their entire list, the Jets have several candidates for a breakthrough in 2022. Who’s going to make the leap in New York?

Candidates for the New York Jets Breakthrough 2022

Zach Wilson, QB

If you need a template for how to build offense around a young quarterback, look no further than New York, where Jets general manager Joe Douglas has left no excuses for Zach Wilson’s second-year quarterback.

The effort began in 2020 – a year before Wilson was selected second overall – and continued until the 2021 NFL Draft. Gang Green spends nearly $ 32 million annually on the addition of free PR agents George Fanta, Laken Tomlinson and Conor McGovern. Meanwhile, guard Alia Vera-Tucker and rocket Mehi Bekton entered the top 14.

Douglas used a similar approach based on volume, on skill positions. Gareth Wilson was the 10th overall pick, while colleagues WR Elijah Moore and RB Breece Hall were picked early in Day 2. Veteran catcher passie Corey Davis earns $ 12 million a year, and CJ Uzomah and Tyler Conklin team up. to earn $ 7 million a year.

Wilson now has the best second-tier lineup among first-round defenders last year. Having entered his second year in Mike Lafler’s crime, Wilson has already shown signs of mental and physical progress.

“He does small things when you see a little more security,” Jets head coach Robert Saleh said. New York Post. “He’s not a newbie, so he’s a little louder. He looks good. He is becoming more comfortable, obviously understands the crime. “

Wilson completed just 55.6% of his assists at 2,334 yards, nine touchdowns and 11 interceptions, taking 44 bags last season. He finished dead last EPA + CPOE composite. But after another year of growing up, Wilson seems to be on the verge of a full-scale breakthrough – if he can take advantage of his ideal situation.

Elijah Moore, WR

Moore was unable to complete his opening season after an ATV injury in December sent him to reserve the injured. However, Ole Miss’s alum became hot before he went down. From week 8-13 Moore scored five overall touchdowns and averaged 5.7 receptions and 76.5 yards per game. Progress is rarely linear in the NFL, but Moore is clearly beginning to figure out a professional game.

Can it continue this development in 2022? The Jets have increased competition, but it should come as no surprise if Moore gets the highest target share on the team next year. Of course, the additions of Wilson, Uzoma and Conklin can reduce a piece of Moore’s pie. However, he should look better, as the defense is forced to consider other options in New York.

In 2021, Moore has demonstrated flexibility inside and out, and the Jets will be able to deploy a variety of formations with a new set of skill players. Davis played the slot last year, while Wilson spent about a third of his student filming. This versatility means that the opponent’s defense will never be sure exactly where each host will line up in a game.

LaFleur is a fan of two-TE kits, and it will certainly use Uzomah and Conklin together at times. Which receiver will come out of the field if the Jets move to 12 employees? It probably won’t be Moore, who should be considered a New York WR1 until / until Wilson claims the title.

Alia Vera Tucker, G

The Jets paid dearly for the exchange for Vera Tucker in the 2021 NFL Draft. Douglas and K. sent election numbers 23, 66 and 86 to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for peak numbers 14 and 114. make a deal worth it.

However, this was in the past, and now New York needs to figure out how to properly use its second-year offensive liner. Vera Tucker will move to the right guard in 2022 to place Tomlinson in the left position. It will be a significant change, but AVT is probably ready to deal with it, given that he spent time at RG early in his career at USC.

Left-handed guards are generally considered more important because they block the blind sides of right-handed defenders. However, Vera Tucker will have a lot of work on the right. He will be especially critical as a striker in the game on the run, where the Jets will use 1-2 punches by Hall and Michael Carter. Athletics and Vera Tucker’s strength at the point of attack will be crucial in New York’s broad zone scheme.

Fant, Tomlinson and McGovern are at least 29 years old. Bactan is still very young, but he is rubbed Jets coaches wrong and may be out in New York. Vera Tucker is 23 years old and she is joining her second NFL campaign with an excellent pedigree. He is not only the winning candidate in 2022, but also probably the only offensive liner Jets that will grow alongside Wilson for a long time.

3 breakout candidates for the New York Jets including Zach Wilson

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