They are improving the ground and facilities at York Cricket Club in Scarcroft Road. Two of the four croquet pitches are being repaired and re-seeded, the toilets are being upgraded and the ground is being made more secure.

“We’re lucky to have some of the best cricket pitches in Yorkshire,” said York Croquet Club chairman John Harris, “and we want to do everything we can to keep them that way.” Good aids are also important, and these improvements should have real value.

“It’s been well looked after for over a hundred years, so it’s important to us to pass it on in the best possible condition.”

The ground was first opened for lawn sports in 1911.

“Interest in croquet is growing,” Mr Harris said. “It’s a completely socially distanced outdoor game that is played on an equal basis by people of all ages and genders. On warm summer days, it really shows itself.”

The club will host several regional and national events this season and is preparing to host several introductory courses this spring for people who want to learn the game. Booking is essential and details can be found on the club website

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