A WOMAN was left shaken after fireworks smashed into her roof lantern on New Year’s Eve, smashing it and littering her living room glass.

Charlotte Clarke was relaxing at home on Friday, December 30, when there was a loud bang right above her head.

The 53-year-old then dived onto the sofa as she was showered with falling glass, leaving her terrified as she “thought a bomb had gone off in her living room”.

Charlotte Clarke’s living room was covered in broken glass. (C) Charlotte Clarke.

Charlotte, from Horley, Surrey, was in “total shock” when she discovered that premature New Year’s Eve fireworks, allegedly fired from a house next door, had exploded above her, smashing her roof lantern.

A manager at the Salvation Army said her first reaction was to dive into the shelter when she heard the commotion above her.

While the falling glass did not hit Charlotte directly, large pieces landed on her coffee table, which took more than four hours to clean up.

After calling the police, Charlotte discovered that the apparent cause of the chaos was a 4-foot Eagle fireworks rocket that she said had been launched from a nearby garden during the early New Year. party.

Charlotte now claims that contact with the police has been minimal and that no one has come to her home despite the fact that the police said they would send an officer.

That same night, Charlotte took to social media to share her terrifying experience with the photos massacre.

She wrote: “I am literally shaking at what could have been very serious.

“I just walked into my living room and there was a very loud firework and then the glass above me broke and I dove onto my sofa.

“I was covered in glass, so lucky I didn’t get any serious cuts – just a few scratches on my legs – but the kids are crying and there’s glass everywhere.

“It turns out that our roof lantern was broken by professional fireworks. Could have been fatal.

“The police are involved – we found the fireworks.”

The images in Charlotte’s post show her living room covered in dark blue shards of glass, ranging in size from powdered to large visible pieces, inserted into the table.

Another picture shows Charlotte’s daughter standing with a rocket for comparison as she is almost the same height as her.

The post received more than 400 likes and more than 100 comments from users who reacted with shock at the chaotic scenes.

One user wrote: “I’m not Karen, but maybe it’s time fireworks were only available for professional displays.

“Any old geek can get them without brain cells. I really hope you’re all right, I can’t imagine the fear.’

Another commented: “I’m so glad no one was hurt and more thankful it didn’t explode in the house.

“Someone cares about you tonight, even though you may not feel it right now.”

A third user added: “I’m sorry to hear that, all fireworks should be banned.”

Another said: “Gosh that could have been really frustrating, glad you and your kids are ok. I hope the police will get answers. Stay safe Charlotte.”

A fifth user replied: “Damn that sucks, glad no one was seriously hurt. Someone other than you has to pay 100% of the repairs.”

Fortunately, Charlotte had one kind soul who turned to her for help.

The home improvement supervisor offered to send someone over free of charge in the morning to fix the hole in Charlotte’s roof and waterproof.

Speaking today, Charlotte said: “I heard a very loud crash above me and immediately my first reaction was to put my hands behind my head and dive onto the sofa as I was showered with falling glass.

“It was so scary, I could almost see my life flash before my eyes, I thought a bomb had gone off in my living room!

“After that I was shaking, screaming and in complete shock. The glass was still falling in large pieces so my husband couldn’t even reach me.

“He didn’t touch me directly because I was on the opposite side of the glass.

“I was still covered in glass, but my kids were playing under the same spot just 20 minutes ago.

“It could have been fatal, especially when I see the big pieces of glass that crashed into my coffee table. It took four hours to clean up and I’m still finding glass.”

Charlotte added: “The result is just as crazy but I understand that when someone is seriously injured the police don’t want to know anything.

“I’m sure that the moment the police asked if I was injured and my husband said, ‘No, just a few scratches,’ we were put on the list.”

“We called the police immediately after the hit and were given a crime information number and told it was criminal damage.

“They said someone would be coming so we left the hall alone so they could see the destruction. No one came and the fireworks started.

“We called the police again and they told us to call 101. We called and were kept waiting for an hour.

“If the police had arrived they could have stopped the fireworks and investigated the serious impact the fireworks had caused.”

A spokesman for Surrey Police said today: “We received a report of criminal damage at around 7.35pm on December 30 at a property in Wolverton Gardens in Horley.

“Unfortunately, there are currently no proportionate lines of inquiry and the inquiry has been closed pending further information.”

Woman left in “total shock” after NYE firework shatters roof lantern, covers living room in glass

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