Like Queen Elizabeth II, the King will be crowned with the St. Edward’s Crown, which is made of solid gold and contains more than 400 precious stones, including rubies, garnets and sapphires.

More than 8,000 guests from 129 countries came to Westminster Abbey for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, but by contrast, guests for the King’s coronation will be limited to 2,000 due to health and safety restrictions.

The Archbishop of Canterbury will hold a ceremony at Westminster Abbey, confirming Charles’ consent to become king through the coronation oath.

The King will be asked whether he will rule the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries with law and justice and whether he will support Christianity in the nation.

He will sit in a coronation chair known as Edward’s Chair, holding the sovereign’s scepter and scepter to represent his control over the nation, and the sovereign’s orb to represent Christendom.

After the anointing, blessing and consecration by the Archbishop, the Crown of St. Edward will be placed on Charles’ head, officially crowning him as King Charles III.

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