When temperatures eventually start to drop, there will be a respite for those who don’t like the UK heat, but expect even more heat first.

Metaburo released amber severe heat warning in parts of the UK on Sunday where the heat will reach its peak.

Senior government officials also met to discuss plans to the first ever heat emergency in an attempt to cope with record-breaking rising temperatures.

Sky weather expert Christopher England said: “The next few days will be a little cooler for many, but temperatures will rise again over the weekend, peaking on Monday,” he said, adding that temperatures in the low 30s were likely , and even a chance of 40C somewhere in the south.

After that, however, the weather will soon drop to a much more tolerable low of 20 degrees.

“Temperatures will start to drop after Monday, with temperatures in the low 20s in most places, although the south-east could remain hot on Tuesday,” he said.

The heat caused disruption across the UK, with rail lines on Battersea Bridge in central London catching fire, and a key RAF base had to suspend flights after the tarmac melted.

If 40C is recorded in the UK, it will be the hottest ever.

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