Buffalo Bills cornerback Dane Jackson is being evaluated after suffering a gruesome neck injury late in the second quarter of Monday’s Bills-Titans game.

An update on Bill’s cornerback Dane Jackson’s injury

The Bills announced that Jackson was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

“Computer tomography and X-ray will be done to him. Jackson has full range of motion in his limbs,” the team said on Twitter.

Jackson was injured in a helmet collision with teammate Tremaine Edmunds. His head and neck were thrown back hard.

Bill family medical personnel rushed to his aid and an ambulance was quickly called. The players knelt in prayer as Jackson received help.

Paralysis or other significant spinal injury is an obvious concern. Reporters say they noticed movement in Jackson when he was on the field.

Jackson was in the process of tackling Titans receiver Traylon Burks when Edmunds swooped in and collided directly with Jackson’s head, knocking it back. Reporters say Jackson was moving his arms and legs before the trainer reached him.

As he was being carted off the field, Bills tweeted the following: “We are all with you @Djack11_.”

Earlier in the game, Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan injured his knee and left the field in a wheelchair.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Dane Jackson injury: What we know about Buffalo Bills cornerback

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