As organizations navigate the changes that have come to characterize the workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic — including record-breaking numbers of employees leaving their jobs in the Great Resignation — many realize that they are more vulnerable than ever to facing a depleted workforce.

To address this challenge, a growing number of enterprises are deploying digital employee experience (DEX) tools and services to support a modern workforce. Some see DEX as a key to improving workers’ satisfaction and therefore retaining them at a time when many are considering job and career changes.

What is digital employee experience?

Digital employee experience is a measure of how effectively employees interact with various technologies in the workplace — and how they feel about those technologies. A DEX strategy focuses on tracking, assessing, and improving employees’ technology experience.

DEX management tools support that strategy by aggregating usage and performance data, analyzing that data, and providing insights that help companies make improvements to their technology. For instance, the software might evaluate how easy it is for people to use a company’s collaboration platforms, how fast the network is during peak hours, or how effective their mobile apps and devices are for performing everyday business tasks.

In short, DEX tools enable companies to better understand and enhance their employees’ experiences with technology.

Why digital employee experience matters

The thinking behind measuring and evaluating DEX is that workers who find it hard or complex to complete their tasks using the platforms their employers provide will be less satisfied and less productive than they might otherwise be. As a result, they might be more inclined to move on to a different job at another organization.

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