Fantasy football is an ever-evolving game. It is difficult to imagine the creators fantasy football could ever foresee the various iterations of the game that would emerge. One of the latest versions is Devy. What are Davie leagues and how do they differ from more traditional ones fantasy football dynasty league?

What is Devi?

At this point, it seems like there are just about every fantasy football imaginable. Devy fantasy football involves building an entire college roster in addition to a standard NFL roster.

In traditional dynastic fantasy football formats, managers add to their rosters each offseason with a rookie draft. The dev leagues do not have a typical rookie draft. Instead, there is the draft of college freshmen (and other undrafted college players). When a college player is drafted into the NFL, they become part of your dynasty.

The main difference is that instead of waiting for college players to enter the NFL Draft before fantasy managers take them, you draft them while they are still in college.

Devy fantasy football leagues create a completely different challenge for fantasy managers. You don’t have the benefit of watching him play in college before deciding if you think he’ll be a productive pro. Fantasy managers must have extensive knowledge of players and try to find the next superstars before they show up on the college football field.

How does the Devy project work?

Each offseason, fantasy managers will draft a certain number of non-drafted college players onto their Devy rosters. The number of players allowed is entirely up to your commissioner. Some leagues may only have a couple. Others can have up to 10. There is no hard and fast rule that determines how many players can be on a Devy list.

Will there still be a rookie draft?

It depends. Chances are, every year there will be players who become potentially productive NFL players but don’t make Devy’s rosters. Your league needs a way to add these players to the player pool.

I would recommend having a separate rookie draft in addition to the Davy draft. The rookie draft can consist of 1-2 rounds. It will consist of college players who are entering the NFL draft but are not yet on Davy’s roster.

Do Devy players earn fantasy points?

The next evolution of fantasy football after Davy is what is known as From campus to Cantonese leagues. In this format, the performance of Devy players matters because you have the entire college side of your fantasy football league.

However, in Davy leagues, your college players are just placeholders. They are out there biding their time to be called up to your NFL roster if and when they make it to the pros. Devy’s players’ collegiate performance is important only to the extent that it indicates future performance at the NFL level. Their actual college stats do not factor into your fantasy point total.

I don’t believe that hardcore fantasy players need to play in the most hardcore leagues. It’s entirely up to you and how much investment you want to put into this game we all love.

Dynasty fantasy football leagues test your ability to predict how players will perform throughout their NFL careers. Devy leagues start this time from when a player enters college.

Do you consider yourself a college expert? If not, do you want to become one?

We’ve all identified breakout stars in fantasy football before. If you find this feeling extremely rewarding and want to amplify it tenfold, try calling a future horse when he is only 18 years old. If this sounds appealing to you, it might be time to dive into your first Devy Fantasy Football League. And if so, here’s a tutorial how to play Devy fantasy football.

Jason Katz is a fantasy analyst for the Pro Football Network. You can follow him Twitter: @jasonkatz13 and find more of his work here.

What is Devy dynasty fantasy football?

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