Snake Island is captured again by Ukraine (Photo: AP)

Soldiers from Ukraine were spotted flying the country’s flag after they reclaimed Snake Island Russia.

The island drew international attention on the first day of the war when Russia seized it after Ukrainian border guards rejected calls to surrender.

Ukrainian military went viral after telling Russian sailors on board the military ship “Moscow” to “sneak away” through the loudspeaker.

The island was soon captured by Russia, despite the heroic efforts of the Ukrainian military to try to keep them at bay.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense recently said it waived it to show Moscow was not interfering with UN efforts to export Ukrainian agricultural products.

But over the past few weeks, Kremlin-backed militants have launched massive strikes across southern Ukraine, and Kyiv has said it has regained control.

On the island, soldiers were seen erecting Ukrainian flags (Photo: AP)
Snake Island is known for its strategic location (Photo: AP)

The island is an important strategic location, as it is located 80 miles from the southern coast of Ukraine.

In recent weeks, Kyiv has launched airstrikes on the island to drive Russia out.

Speaking about the occupation of the island, press secretary Natalya Gumenyuk said: “The military operation has been completed, the territory (Snake Island) has been returned to the jurisdiction of Ukraine.”

Russia’s blockade of other Ukrainian ports currently makes it impossible to export grain to large parts of the world.

Russia’s loss of Snake Island should alleviate the grain export problem.

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Ukrainian soldiers spotted flying country’s flag after recapturing Snake Island

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