Although most of the UK’s fuel is not imported from Russia, there are fears that the Kremlin could still benefit from Moscow-backed fuel flowing into the UK after oil imports are cut by the end of the year. Refinitiv data showed that Britain has imported around seven million barrels of Russian diesel, worth more than £800 million, since Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine in late February.

According to the Times, the oil of the Russian energy company Stavropolnaftagaz is pumped into the Caspian Pipeline Consortium in Kazakhstan.

American energy company ExxonMobil is also claiming a large stake in the Kazakhstan pipeline.

But the participation of “Stavropolneftegaz” may benefit the co-owner of “Stavropolneftegaz” Dmitry Kamyshav, who is not subject to personal sanctions and is not accused of violating the sanctions regime.

Responding to the Times, a government spokesman said: “We remain fully confident in our diesel supplies, even though the UK has already significantly reduced Russian imports of oil and petroleum products.

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“The UK is a significant producer of both crude oil and petroleum products and maintains oil reserves in the unlikely event of a major oil disruption.

“We also benefit from a variety of reliable suppliers in the international market, independent of any particular country.”

An ExxonMobil spokesman also noted that the company supports efforts to stop Putin’s invasion.

He claimed: “Since the invasion, there has been no shipment of crude oil with a certificate of origin issued in Russia to our refinery in Fawli, and none is planned.”

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