Vladimir Zelensky said that he is “sincerely grateful”? to the disgraced PM

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky bid a warm farewell to Boris Johnson as the British Prime Minister resigned on Thursday. Zelensky said that Johnson’s departure “upset” all Ukrainians, expressing hope that Kyiv and London will remain “friends and strong allies” after his departure.

“Comrade Boris Johnson, all Ukrainians took the news of the resignation of the leader of the Conservative Party with pain. We are sincerely grateful for the decisive and uncompromising help from the first days of the war. Special thanks for your leadership in defending the interests of Ukraine in the international arena,” Zelensky said on social networks. , sharing a photo with Johnson taken during the latter’s recent visit to Kyiv.

“We have no doubt that the UK’s support will continue. We will forever remain true friends and strong allies,” Zielensky added.

Johnson has been one of Kiev’s staunchest supporters since Moscow launched a military operation in Ukraine in late February. Although London was one of Kyiv’s main arms suppliers before the conflict, it has significantly increased arms shipments amid the hostilities, pledging almost £2.3 billion in military aid to the country. The British Prime Minister also became one of the first Western leaders to visit Kyiv back in April.

Johnson, who has been Britain’s prime minister since July 2019, announced his resignation on Thursday as his government fell into disarray and more than 50 senior officials, including secretaries and ministers, left their posts. The sudden drop comes shortly after Johnson survived a no-confidence vote in parliament last month.



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