Drivers in the UK are being warned they could be fined up to £1,000 for a simple mistake many make when changing gears.

Motorists those driving in neutral can be hit with a four-figure fine for being convinced a common myth about driving.

Many people believe that coasting saves gas, but this is not true and can damage your car.

It also puts you at risk of a £1,000 fine due to drivers not being in control of their vehicle.

York Press:

It’s not illegal to drive your car downhill, but if there’s an accident and you’re not in full control of your car, you’re at risk of committing an offence.

Rule 122 of the Highway Code states that: “Driving, a term that describes a vehicle moving in neutral or with the clutch depressed, may reduce the driver’s control.”

Motorists could be fined or even disqualified by police if a driver is deemed to have lost control, warns LeaseLoco.

John Wilmot, Executive Director LeaseLocosaid, “When we go down a hill in gear, our engine ECU detects that the accelerator is not engaged and cuts off fuel to the fuel injectors.

“We use no fuel or very little fuel when we’re downshifting. However, when we downshift in neutral, our engine and wheels shut down.

“This causes less fuel to go to the engine due to the car not getting the torque it needs from the wheels, instead of getting that power directly from the wheels.”

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