4 channel presented a teaser image for the new drama about the infamous “Christie’s Weight” saga.

It was a two-part “drama-documentary”. described as a “unique” project when it was first announced in Julywith the most incredible and incredible moments from a High Court defamation case recreated using actual court transcripts.

On Wednesday night, the first photo from the show was released with It stars Englishwoman Chanel Cresswell and Harry Potter actress Natalia Tena in the lead roles Colin Rooney and Rebecca Vardyrespectively.

Meanwhile, Michael Sheen will play attorney Colin David Sherburne, who recently won praise for his portrayal of Chris Tarrant in Charles Ingram’s drama Quiz.

Cast of Vardy v Rooney: Courtroom Drama: (L-R) Chanel Cresswell as Coleen Rooney, Michael Sheen as Coleen’s lawyer David Sherborne, Natalia Tena as Rebecca Vardy and Simon Coury as Rebecca Vardy’s lawyer Hugh Tomlinson.

Rounding out the main cast is Simon Currie, whose past credits include The Professor and the Madman, as Hugh Tomlinson’s lawyer Rebecca Vardy.

Although no release date has yet been confirmed, Channel 4 has revealed that the two-part show Vardy v Rooney: The Courtroom Drama will air later this year.

The long-running “WAGatha Christie” saga involving the two footballers’ wives began three years ago when Coleen published an infamous post on Twitter claiming that Rebecca’s Instagram account was the source of several “false stories” about her being leaked to the Sun .

Rebecca has always maintained her innocence in this matter later sued Colin for defamationand everything will come to a head in July of this year when a judge ruled in Colleen’s favor after a week-long trial.

A Disney+ documentary about the long-running drama between the two women is also in development, with “exclusive access” to Colleen.


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