The couple told hotel staff they were going to watch the sunrise, but instead went swimming in the rough seas off Koh Chang Island (Photo: Viral Press)

Two tourists visiting Thailand drowned in sea waves after allegedly drinking all night with friends.

Tourists Anna Carreras, 21, from Spain, and Rahul Ramkurun, 22, from France, told hotel staff at around 5am yesterday that they were going to watch the sunrise on the beach.

They are believed to have stayed up all night partying with other young tourists on Koh Chang island in Trat province.

Local council boss Thermsak Sertsri said: “The tourists did not tell staff they were going to the sea. They would warn that it is not necessary.

“There are also red flags on the beach now because the waves are very strong.”

Instead of watching the sunrise, as they told the Lonely Beach Hotel workers, they decided to go swimming in the sea.

An employee of the resort told local media: “I saw a tourist and friends the night before. There were six foreigners, all friends.

“They were drinking and partying at a restaurant next to the accommodation, and later, around 5am, the tourists went swimming along the beach while the waves were strong.

Tourists Anna Carreras, 21, and Rahul Ramkurun, 22, went swimming at around 5am yesterday (Photo: Viral Press)
Rescue teams scoured the area on jet skis to find the missing tourists (Photo: Viral Press)
Anna’s body was found shortly after 8.10am (Photo: Viral Press)
The young tourists are said to have partied the night away with other visitors to Thailand (Photo: Viral Press)

“At that time, the sanatorium staff did not see the incident. Then some foreign friends, who were swimming with them in the sea, saw that two of them had been washed ashore.

“They asked the resort staff for help.”

After local residents alerted emergency services, rescuers scoured the area on jet skis to find the missing tourists.

Anna was found around 8:10 and pulled to dry land, but she had already drowned.

Rescuers continued to search for Rahul, but the search was temporarily called off due to bad weather. He was found today at 9:45 local time.

The head of Da Chang National Park, Dusit Samutrakpong, warned tourists to be careful when swimming in Thailand.

“The sea is strong during the rainy season, so people should not swim,” he said.

“It’s calmer at the beginning of the year, but now there are storms that make it unpredictable.”

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Two backpackers drown in sea on Thai island after ‘all-night drinking session’

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