John Plunkett. Updated January 12, 2023

Conservative MP Lee Anderson – you remember the one who said we could all get by on meals that cost just 30p – is at it again on Twitter.

This time, the Tory MP for Ashfield took time out of his busy schedule to downplay his Twitter following (never let it be said that Lee doesn’t tackle big issues).

It all started when Anderson shared a Guardian story about Labour.

This caught the eye of senior healthcare worker Chris Delaney – also one of Anderson’s constituents – who responded this way on Twitter.

And Anderson’s response was, well, see for yourself.

Acting deputy, everyone!

But we’re really glad he did, because not only did it make for some very interesting takedowns…

… when it did, it blew up in Anderson’s face in a big way, too.

It really is, Chris! How you can read the whole thing here.

Here’s the latest feed story.

And as if you needed any further encouragement, to follow @chris_delaney90 on Twitter here!

A final word from Chris…

And also this.

30p for your thoughts Lee?

Source Twitter @chris_delaney90

Tory MP Lee Anderson belittled a critic’s Twitter following and it magnificently blew up in his face

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