The Conservative MP was wearing a black leather miniskirt, tights and high heels when he was involved in a car crash in November, a court heard.

Jamie Wallis, who has represented Bridgend since 2019, is on trial charged with failing to stop, failing to report an accident, driving without due care and leaving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

Wallis, who came out as transgender in March of this year, denies the allegations.

They are linked to a collision on November 28 last year in which the Mercedes he was driving crashed into a lamp post and a telegraph pole on Church Road in Llanblethian, South Wales.

Prosecutor Karina Hughes said residents Adrian Watson and Natalie Webb were getting ready when they heard “a very loud bang, much louder than household fireworks” just after 1am.

Mr Watson said he looked into a Mercedes E-Class sedan which had crashed into a lamppost.

He saw “a white male wearing a body-hugging white long-sleeved top, a black PVC leather miniskirt, tights, dark high-heeled shoes and a pearl necklace.”

Ms Webb described the man as wearing “black shoes” in her statement.

When he asked Wallis if he was OK, Mr Watson said the man said: “I’m fine. I’m figuring it out.”

Mr Watson said he was going to call the police and that Wallis started walking away from the scene.

He followed him and witnessed him make two phone calls, during one of which he claimed he was being “harassed”.

It was then picked up by a Land Rover Discovery.

Police Sergeant Gareth Handy said when he visited the home address of the Wallis family, which he described as a “mansion” and “absolutely massive”, he forced his way into the property out of concern for the deputy.

Mr Handy said Wallis was eventually found in one of the rooms and said: “I saw Jamie had make-up on his face.”

When the police searched his apartment in the estate, they found a blonde wig on the table, the court heard.

Louis Hall found Wallis asleep in a bedroom in the house and said: “He appeared to have been painted on. His eyelids were dark, his lips were red, his cheeks were bronze, and he had red nail polish on his toes. “

Wallis was found naked in bed and was given a modest blanket until clothes were found.

A black leather skirt and pearl necklace were found next to the bed and confiscated by police.

He was detained at 7:21 am.

Wallis became the first British MP to come out as a transsexual.

The trial is expected to last up to two days.

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