The coffin of the British Queen Elizabeth is sent on its last journey to Windsor Castle

Britain Coffin of Queen Elizabeth began its final journey from Westminster Abbey to Windsor Castle, where the late monarch will be reunited with her beloved husband.

Hundreds of thousands of well-wishers have descended on London and are lining the route through the capital to say goodbye, while millions around the world watch the events on television.

Winter will be “hell on earth” for patients and hospital staff, a doctor warns

Dr Fergal Hickey, President of the Irish Ambulance Association, has warned that this winter will be “hell on earth” for both patients and hospital staff if the predictions of hospital admissions and ICUs are correct.

It’s going to be an Armageddon type situation, he said on RTÉ’s Today with Claire Byrne.

Dr Hickey reiterated his frequent warning about the state of the health system due to the lack of intensive care beds, the lack of intensive care beds and the difficulty of recruiting staff who “vote with their feet” and have emigrated to work in Australia and Asia. where working conditions were better.

Survey shows people are ditching retirement plans due to cost of living

More than two out of five people without pension have either delayed starting or pushed back their planned retirement date due to the cost of living crisis.

This is evidenced by the results of a survey commissioned by Pensions Awareness Week.

The survey found that 43 per cent of people in Ireland do not have any form of pension, with almost two-thirds (63 per cent) of this cohort reporting that they cannot afford to save for their retirement and pay their monthly bills. Among people aged 35-49, this figure rises to 72 percent.

Aer Lingus faces further IT problems due to online check-in breakdown

Aer Lingus passengers collided problems with online registration services on Sunday and Monday in the airline’s latest IT issues.

The company first reported on Sunday afternoon that customers were experiencing problems using its website and app, with problems recurring Sunday night and Monday morning.

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