A HILARIOUS video shows a rugby-loving dad’s reaction when his daughter pranked him by serving him a birthday cake filled with the colors of his team’s biggest team opponent.

Robert Harland looked furious as he cut into his 60th birthday cake on Wednesday (September 14) and noticed the inside of the cake was yellow and blue – the colors of Leeds Rhinos.

The two sides battled to win Super League for years before Bradford were relegated in 2014 – leaving fans mess around.

The video shows the die-hard Bradford Bulls fan cutting the cake, which was created in the shape of his rugby team’s jersey and color.

His daughter Jade Howard can be heard saying: “Cut yourself a piece, Dad love.

“It can be very nice, it can be a flavoring inside.”

But as Robert slowly begins to carve out a piece, the Yorkshireman begins to look completely unimpressed at the sight of the entrails.

Jade asks, “Don’t you like that color?”

Then Robert says, “It’s f****** Leeds, f**k sake.”

Jade, 34, posted the video on TikTok last Thursday (September 15), writing: “When your dad supports Bradford Bulls and hates the rival team.”

The clip has received more than 2.3 million views and more than 148,500 likes from social media users.

More than 1,000 people left comments, finding the clip hilarious.

One said: “We all love Leeds. THAT”.

Another wrote: “LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS.”

A third added: “That shot is not okay, do it again.”

Inside the birthday cake were the blue and yellow colors of Leeds’ main rival. Written by Jayda Howard

Another commented: “Everyone loves Leeds.”

While a fifth said: “Good guy, come on Bulls.”

Speaking today (MON), Jade said: “We live on the Leeds/Bradford border, I went to school in Leeds and it was always a running joke between my dad and I as my family would say Leeds was the rival.

“As it was my father’s 60th birthday, he said he wanted something to remember so I thought I would buy him a cake he would remember.

“I just decided when I got there to ask him to cut the cake and I thought I’d take it down for my family to see.

“He said not to post it on Facebook, and I promised I wouldn’t post it on Facebook, but he never talked about TikTok, so I put it on there.

“I forgot about it until the next day when my daughter asked me to look on TikTok and I saw that the video had 700,000 views.

“It kept getting more and more views and I knew my father would eventually see it.

“He was looking on Bradford Bulls social media and they reposted it and he called me and I acted innocent but he said we needed to have a chat but he saw the funny side.”

Bradford Bulls and Leeds Rhinos are two of the most successful teams in Super League history, with Leeds having the second most wins with eight wins.

Bradford won the Super League four times.

Hilarious video shows rugby-loving dad’s reaction when daughter pranks him with rival team birthday cake

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