The government has tabled a vote of confidence in itself after blocking an attempt by Labor to remove Boris Johnson from office with immediate effect.

Labour’s request was for a vote of confidence in the government and prime minister and could trigger an early general election.

But the government accused the opposition of “politics”, arguing it was not a “valuable use of parliamentary time” as the prime minister had already resigned.

In introducing his vote of confidence, Mr Johnson was able to frame the wording in a way that would make it easier for his party to vote for it.

Tory MPs are thought to be most likely to back the government’s move, as it would not mean Mr Johnson’s endorsement.

A government spokesman said today: “Labour was given the opportunity to move a simple vote of no confidence in the government in line with the controversy, but chose not to.

“To remedy this, we are introducing a motion that gives the House of Representatives the opportunity to decide whether it has confidence in the government.

“The Government will always make time for relevant House questions, ensuring it delivers on parliamentary tasks to help improve people’s everyday lives.”

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