As Liz Truss juggles a number of challenges as Prime Minister, her family will be getting used to their new home and the spotlight as the nation’s first family.

“Downing Street was in the 21st century transformed to a 100-room playground for premier children,” it is reported The Times. Every successive occupier, from Tony Blair to Boris Johnson, but with the exception of Theresa May, brought “their own rowdy young families” or welcomed new “babies”.

While it was traditional for the Prime Minister’s family to live in apartment number 10, since the Blairs, everyone has opted for the more spacious accommodation above number 11, which boasts large living areas and an open-plan kitchen . Whatever the Rabbits choose, “after the low-key, low-key calm of the Sunaks and the rampage of newborns and toddler Johnsons, the teenage ‘crazy’ that is the Rabbit family may take some getting used to,” said Evening standard.

Who is “Mr. Truss”?

Hugh O’Leary, 48, who grew up in Liverpool before graduating from the London School of Economics and becoming a Chartered Accountant, A mirror as a “gentle commoner”, remained inconspicuous during the relatively rapid rise to power of his wife.

“Unlike Boris and Kerry Johnson, the new prime minister and her husband have so far kept public appearances to a minimum, with commentators questioning how much we will really see of the man behind our country’s new leader,” writes the Evening Standard. .

“O’Leary is said to be quieter and more reserved than his wife, preferring to keep a low profile, dealing with domestic life during the week while his wife is busy at Westminster,” said Guardian.

“He will not be Denis [Thatcher]”, a source told the newspaper, but he is more “a Philip May-type character, perhaps even less comfortable in the limelight than May,” the Standard said.

His friend told The Guardian that because he works from home, he can return to their home in south-east London every day or find an office closer to Westminster, rather than working from Downing Street.

However, while he may avoid the limelight, he is far from new to politics, having unsuccessfully run as a Tory candidate in the 2002 local council elections. He even met his future wife at a Tory conference in 1997.

The couple married in 2000 and Truss had a very public affair with former Tory MP Mark Field between 2004 and 2005, keeping quiet on the subject until now.

And their daughters?

Both their teenage daughters, Frances, 16, and Liberty, 13, seem ready to embrace life in Britain’s most famous mansion.

The Guardian reports that the girls are apparently “very excited” to be living in house number 10 (or 11), which has a back door leading directly onto the 23-acre St James’s Park, and are “already planning a night out with their friends”. on Downing Street and Checkers with a huge lawn and heated pool.’

The Times writes that the addition of “two politically and computer-literate young women who already worked on the Truss campaign may at first seem more like an addition to strategy staff than the problem of childcare.’

“I talk to them about politics all the time,” Truss said The Sunday TimesEarlier this summer, Tim Shipman, though 16-year-old Frances is “maybe a little more centrist and Liberty is maybe a little more conservative.” Liberty, 13, acts as her unofficial fashion guru as well as “providing general political advice”, according to The Times, while her eldest daughter, who passed GCSEs in calculus, helped with her digital campaign.

But while Truss is increasingly open about her daughters and the influence they have on her life and political views, she has been “careful about only sharing photos of their birthday cakes or the backs of their heads on her Instagram page.” said the Standard.

In fact, unlike previous prime ministers who were happy to be photographed with their children, there are no public photographs of the Truss children, with the only picture showing their faces taken at last month’s Commonwealth Games and published by MailOnline immediately removed from the Internet after a legal warning.

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