Owned and managed by the Environment Agency, the reservoir acts as a flood storage area due to its proximity to the River Rea. When the river rises, the reservoir helps prevent flooding by storing excess water until river levels return to normal.

According to the results of the inspection of the site, mandatory works to bring the reservoir into compliance with the new safety rules have been established. These include upgrading the existing reservoir structure and expanding and repurposing the adjacent spillway. Other works include anti-erosion protection of the lower slope of the reservoir for additional strength of the embankment.

Richard Bentley, Environment Agency’s West Midlands Operations Manager, said:

Following a recent on-site inspection, we are making improvements to make the reservoir more resilient to higher safety standards. Work on the reservoir began at the beginning of this year and should be completed by the end of autumn. We are also excited about the opportunity to make some improvements to the wider area, including creating new habitats and planting wildflowers for pollinators.

As part of the scheme, the Environment Agency is delivering a number of environmental improvements in the area, including covering the reinforced dam with wildflower meadows to attract bees and create habitat. More than 250 trees will also be planted in nearby parks.

Members of the public can still access the reserve on site while the works are underway. A detour is also provided for cyclists using National Cycle Route 5, which passes near the reservoir.

Background information

In order to protect the public and comply with health regulations, the road connecting the park with the adjacent industrial zone will be temporarily closed for the duration of the works. This stretch of road along the promenade is also part of the national cycle route, so the relevant partners have been notified and a temporary detour has been arranged for the cycle path.

The reserve will still be accessible via a fenced corridor from Wychall Lane at the entrance to the site before following the line of the wall and along the river. Adequate fencing has been installed, although residents have been asked to keep dogs and small children under constant supervision/supervision while work is carried out. Traffic marshals will be on site at all times to control traffic entering the site from Wychall Lane.


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