The main contender for ‘independence’ of the week is undoubtedly an American – well, we’re assuming they’re American – who took offense when someone mocked their country for espousing the joys of ‘socialism’.

But their return was not the horror they thought it would be, for reasons that will become apparent.

“They don’t teach flags in high school geography?” asked Sosnavapn who shared it on reddit.


“This person votes.”

“And we all know who he voted for…”

“Almost 200 people also liked this comment…”
Alex Hanson007

“Or laughed at that comment because it’s stupid.”
Old Bigsby

“We can but hope.”
Alex Hanson007

“But Italy is not even socialist. What? Like, yes, an idiot in the answer, but also a great post.”

“TBF, everything that makes (rich) Europe great is called socialism by right-wing Americans.
Universal medicine, free (or insanely cheap) higher education, welfare systems, etc. – it is either socialism or not. Can’t be both.
Raymond Beaumont

Reddit source in/Sasnavapn

This American’s ‘socialism’ takedown wasn’t the can of whoop-ass they thought it was

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