New research from Tesco has revealed the smallest thrills of everyday life, with finding pocket change topping the nation’s favourites.

Amid the current climate, other money-saving thrills are also high on the list, including noticing that a favorite product is on special offer (27 percent), receiving an unexpected bonus or tip (24 percent), and paying the entire bill for purchases using vouchers or loyalty points (27 percent).

The Northern Echo: Paying your shopping bills with loyalty vouchers is a popular little joy in the UKPaying your shopping bills with vouchers earned from loyalty points is a popular little joy in the UK (Image: Canva)

Other popular everyday small wins include snuggling up in bed with fresh sheets (34 percent), receiving an unexpected gift (33 percent), saying “I love you” (25 percent) and getting a free flight or hotel upgrade (25 percent).

The study, which surveyed 2,000 British adults, marks the beginning TescoNew Clubcard Prices promotion – a full list of the 50 best little thrills in everyday life to be found here.

15 of the best little thrills in everyday life

  1. Unexpectedly find money in your pocket – 35 percent
  2. The sun is shining when you wake up in the morning – 35 percent
  3. Clinging to the bed after putting fresh sheets on it – 34 percent
  4. They received a gift that they did not expect – 33%.
  5. Receiving praise for something – 28 percent
  6. Paying bills for purchases with vouchers earned for loyalty points – 27 percent
  7. See that your favorite product is on special offer – 27%.
  8. Finding parking right next to where you want to go is 27 percent
  9. Someone says “I love you” – 25 percent
  10. Cooking – 25 percent
  11. Get a free upgrade at a hotel or during a flight – 25 percent
  12. Getting an unexpected bonus / tip – 24 percent
  13. Receive a compliment from a stranger – 24%.
  14. If the traffic light is green, as soon as you approach it – percent
  15. A car passes by THAT – 24 percent

The figures show that UK adults experience an average of three everyday thrills every week, making 156 over the course of a year.

Also, the thrill of these mini-moments lasts about 11 minutes on average for most people.

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