An investigation has been launched into the confiscation of a batch of uranium that flew to London on a passenger plane, the anti-terrorism police said.

The Metropolitan Police said a routine check at Heathrow Airport found a package containing material “contaminated” with uranium, which can be used in so-called dirty bombs designed to disperse radioactive material.

“The alarm went off” when scanners detected undeclared nuclear material being shipped to a cargo shed owned by processing firm Swissport on December 29. Telegraph informed. This was reported by a source BBC that the uranium was in a batch of scrap metal.

In accordance with The sun, the package was sent to Iranian nationals in the UK and arrived on a flight from Oman departing from Pakistan. Forensic teams reportedly “spent days examining the shipment.”

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, the former commander of the UK’s nuclear defense regiment, told the newspaper that “the appearance of uranium on a commercial airliner from Pakistan to an Iranian address in the UK is highly suspicious”.

Counter-terrorism commander Richard Smith said the amount of contaminated material seized “was extremely small” and “was assessed by experts as not posing a threat to the public”. He added that “from our inquiries so far, this has not been linked to any direct threat.”

However, the handling of dangerous goods such as uranium is governed by strict rules.

No arrests have been made, and officers are working with partner agencies “to ensure there is no risk to the public.” i news the site reports.

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