Home Secretary Priti Patel today (8 July 2022) announced the appointment of Sir Mark Rowley as the new Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

Sir Mark was officially appointed by Her Majesty The Queen on the recommendation of the Home Secretary following a highly competitive recruitment process. The Mayor of London’s submissions were considered by the Home Secretary as part of this recommendation.

At a time when the government is investing record sums in policing, including supporting the recruitment of 20,000 extra police officers across England and Wales, the new commissioner will need to focus on getting the basics right, rebuilding trust in policing, fighting crime. Plan and make the streets of our capital safer.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said:

Sir Mark Rowley is a distinguished and exceptionally experienced police officer who served the people of the West Midlands and Surrey before leading the capital through some of its most difficult moments following the 2017 terror attacks as then head of the Met’s counter-policing unit. terrorism

He now takes on one of the most important and demanding roles in policing, leading the largest force in the country at a time when public confidence in the Metropolitan Police has been seriously undermined by a series of significant failings. Restoring public trust and reducing crime should be his priority.

It will be a challenging period, but by focusing on tackling neighborhood crime and learning the fundamentals of policing, Sir Mark aims to tackle the serious challenges facing the force and make London’s streets safer by reducing crime and bringing more people to justice. criminals.

As the largest police force in the country, we have supported the Met to recruit 2,599 extra police officers and increase their annual police budget to £3.24 billion in 2022-23. I look forward to working closely with Sir Mark to ensure that this investment makes the difference that is needed to empower Londoners.

Commenting on his appointment, Sir Mark Rowley said:

I am honored to be appointed as the next Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. Our mission is to lead the recovery of consensual policing, which has been so badly damaged in recent years as trust and confidence have collapsed.

I am grateful that the Home Secretary and the Mayor are determined to support the urgent reforms needed to successfully tackle crime in today’s fast-changing world. These reforms include our use of technology and data, our culture and our policing approach. We will fight crime together with communities, not abandon tactics unilaterally.

I also know that most of the officers and staff retain an extraordinary sense of calling and determination and want us to do better. My job is to help them do this, and to be ruthless in removing those who spoil our integrity.

We will deliver more trust, less crime and high standards for London and beyond, and we will work with London’s diverse communities, together restoring the uniquely British invention of ‘consent policing’.

The date of Sir Mark’s first day in the role will be confirmed in due course.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said:

The Home Secretary and I agreed that Sir Mark Rowley is the best person to lead the Metropolitan Police as the new Commissioner at this extremely challenging time.

A series of horrific scandals not only revealed deep cultural problems at the Met, but also contributed to a crisis of confidence in London’s police force. Sir Mark has made it clear to me that he is determined to be a reforming commissioner, committed to delivering a credible plan to restore trust in the police and deliver the immediate reforms and step changes in culture and performance that Londoners deserve. As mayor, I will uphold and demand these promises from him as I continue to hold Metropolis accountable.

Sir Mark has demonstrated to me that he is an excellent candidate for this role. He brings a wealth of extensive experience to his role, including exceptional leadership during the 2017 terrorist attacks and a genuine commitment to expanding engagement with diverse communities across our city. The experience he has gained outside of policing over the last 4 years will also bring a valuable new perspective to the Met. Above all, he is committed to consensual policing and shares my ambition to get to a place where all Londoners feel protected and served, and where we have a police force that everyone can be, including the many brave and dedicated officers in our city . to be proud

I look forward to supporting Sir Mark Rowley and working closely with the Home Secretary as we work to restore trust in the police, ensure the Met gets the basics of policing right and build on the significant success we have had in tackling violence and crime in our city.

Biography of Sir Mark Rowley

Sir Mark Peter Rowley QPM was Chief Constable of Surrey Police for four years (from 2008 to 2011) before joining the Metropolitan Police Service in 2011. Sir Mark is the former Assistant Commissioner for Crime and Operations of the Metropolitan Police Service (from 2011 to 2014) and then headed the National Counter-Terrorism Police Chiefs Council (2014-2018). He was knighted in 2018 for his exceptional contribution to national security and national leadership at a time of unprecedented threat.

Sir Mark Rowley’s career in policing spans over 30 years, during which he has transformed national security and policing. As Chief Constable, he raised the level of public trust in Surrey to the highest level in the country. Since joining the Metropolitan Police, Sir Mark has transformed the approach to counter-terrorism and policing in the UK, increasing community involvement and diversity in the workforce, leading the police response to the 2017 London terror attacks and reducing shootings and murders in London to an all-time low. He also led the reform of public order, the fight against organized crime and fraud, and established the 200-strong Op Falcon team to tackle the rise of online fraud and cybercrime.

Since retiring from the police in 2018, he has worked on specialist security and technology/data transformation projects at start-ups and the world’s largest professional services company. He focused on: countering extremism and racism, internet security, institutional integrity and illicit financing.


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