Promo codes have become an indispensable part of people who shop online. However, most analysts have noticed some changes in the current trends in the use of promotional codes. In today’s article, Promocodius specialists share with us interesting facts about how the world of promo codes has changed since 2020.

Changes in the trends of promotional codes in the world

According to a study conducted by experts, the use of promo codes increased by 56% in 2020, receiving the highest score in history. 2020 showed that there is no limit to growth and demand. Ever since the lockdown began around the world, people have started shopping online, which has led many e-commerce companies to provide more promo codes to boost sales. With the huge increase in online shopping during the pandemic, digital coupons have surpassed paper coupons for the first time. And even after the lockdown, people around the world continue to use digital promo codes when shopping online.

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A recent study by Promocode Experts have shown an amazing growth of promotional codes for clothes in 2021-2022. Since 2020, interest has almost doubled and promo code usage has increased by 231%. Coupons for clothing were in first place overall.

The second place in the trend is occupied by restaurants. However, experts did not notice significant changes in this segment from 2020-2022. The growth in the use of restaurant and food coupon codes has only increased by 15% since 2020. Analysts explain such a low growth with the opening of cafes and restaurants. With the onset of the pandemic, everything was closed, so people had no choice but to order food, and restaurants and food chains provided people with many coupon codes. Now that things are back to normal, people want to go out and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of restaurants. When comparing 2019 and 2020, the use of promo codes for food delivery and restaurants increased by 63%.

Promo codes and brands

Shein and ASOS became the most sought-after brands in the clothing industry by promotional code. Many people have bought clothes and accessories online from these websites, and thanks to the availability of promo codes, they have more items in their carts than usual. A study was recently published on the sales growth of the clothing company Shein, which showed a significant increase in sales of approximately 180% year over year. Company representatives noted that about 90% of the increase is due to promo codes used by customers. While ASOS sales have increased by 210%, according to the company, one in two shoppers make a purchase with a promo code.

When it comes to food delivery companies, Postmates & UberEats were the most sought after brands. These companies increased sales by 67% and 93% respectively between 2020 and 2022 using promo codes alone.

How Many People Are Using Promo Codes Now: Promocodius Expert Survey

Russia, Singapore and the United States are among the three leaders in the use of digital coupons and promotional codes. They are immediately followed by Denmark in fourth place and the Czech Republic in fifth. The survey found that people mostly used barcodes for clothing, food delivery, cosmetics and food. The most popular request for promo codes in Russia is “Yandex Food Delivery Promo Code”, and in the USA and Singapore – “Uber Promo Code”. While in Denmark and the Czech Republic, the most frequent request is “Wolt Promo Code”. In addition to food delivery coupons, residents of these countries often look for clothing promo codes from many well-known brands such as Zalando, About you, ASOS and Shein.

Analysts conducted a survey and asked 1,500 people in these countries how their behavior has changed when using promo codes since the start of the pandemic. 75% said they now use more promo codes for clothing and cosmetics, while in 2020 they used them for restaurants and food delivery. 20% of participants indicated that they still use promotional codes for restaurants more often. And only 5% said they use promo codes for more expensive items like furniture, electronics, etc. Many experts say that 2022 has definitely changed the trends of promo codes, but the demand has not decreased.

Bottom line

Experts say that interest will remain high for a very long time because people are more comfortable buying things online, especially when online promo codes are available for almost all brands. In case of repeated lockouts, demand for digital promo codes will increase, but not as fast as in 2020.

Using promo codes has increased by 56% in the world since 2020

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