The age when you officially become one an adult 18 years old, but for many people they don’t start feeling like that until a little later.

Many Brits don’t feel this way until they reach certain milestones, such as having a baby or buying their first home.

New research from the life insurance team at Compare the lines found out at what age most Britons feel like real adults.

This study also included the tasks they feel least confident about and the cities that struggle the most with adult responsibilities.

The Northern Echo: About 22% of respondents do not consider themselves adults yetAbout 22% of respondents do not consider themselves adults yet (Image: Canva)

At what age do British people feel like adults?

Compare the lines surveyed 2,166 UK residents aged 18 and over between July and August 2022 and found that the optimum age for people to start feeling an adult person is 27.

A total of 78% of respondents said that they would classify themselves in this category an adult personwhile 22% believe they will do so by the time they are 49 years old.

Of those who said they don’t feel it now an adult personmen said they likely wouldn’t feel this way until age 43, and women said until age 51.

Respondents were also asked if they felt they could complete traditionally an adult tasks such as changing a tire, repairing appliances and filling out a tax return.

Changing a tire turned out to be one of the most disturbing tasks: 45%. adults do not feel confident in handling it themselves, while 37% were not confident in repairing household appliances.

Washing clothes is the task that British adults feel most confident doing, with eight in 10 (80%) happy to do it themselves, followed by taking out the bins on the right days (79%) and changing the light bulb (79). %).

In terms of a regional breakdown, Belfast leads the way when it comes to confidence, with 72% of adults saying they are confident in their ability to complete the list an adult tasks.

At the other end of the spectrum, 39% of adults in Glasgow and Sheffield say they are not confident when it comes to fulfilling their responsibilities as adults.

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