Nominee for the “Golden Globe” award, Selena Gomez, said that she uses a detergent that does not break the bank.

The an actor and the singer was recently nominated for her role in the hit series Only murders in the building at the Golden Globe Awards.

And in a recent TikTok showing off her skincare routine, she told fans she uses a cleanser that costs less than £10.

In the post, which has garnered more than 1.4 million likes, the actor tells fans about his routine to Miley Cyrus’ “Never Be Me.”

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PSA I got most of these products for free. I don’t just ride everywhere like that. Use any makeup remover serum before washing. It breaks it down nicely. Also use a sponge to wipe your eyes to be gentle on them when removing your makeup. K I’m done pretending I know what I’m talking about.

♬ Never Be Me – Miley Cyrus

bottle, Bioderma Sensibio H2O – micellar solutionwhich Gomez uses costs less than £10 on Amazon.

She applies Micellar water to the flannel to clean her face and looks shocked at the residue before using a make-up sponge with Micellar water to gently clean the eyes.

Fans in the comments liked her makeup sponge and micellar water to remove residue.

“I never thought of using a makeup remover sponge!!! That’s smart,” said one fan.

Another echoed this: “A SPONGE DAMPED IN MICELLAR WATER!!!!!! Madam!!!! A genius.”

However, her trick before cleaning is to use La Mer’s Concentrate Serumwhich costs a staggering £170 for just 15ml.

But she suggests, “Use any makeup remover serum before washing. It breaks it down beautifully.”

Selena Gomez uses a cleanser and toner that won’t break the bank. (Amazon)

The next step in her routine is the tonic that the actor uses Dermalogica Multi-Active Tonerthat won’t break the bank either.

She sprays the toner on the makeup remover pad and gently rubs the product into tiny circles.

The rest of her routine includes moisturizers, which are more expensive, but the singer admits in the caption: “PSA I got most of these products for free. I don’t just hang around like that.’

She uses a few drops La Mer Renewal Oiland then Tacha Water Cream and Laneige Radian C Cream.

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Selena Gomez uses a makeup cleanser that costs less than £10

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