Royal experts debated whether Prince Harry was right to express his opinion on political issues during his keynote speech at the United Nations. The Duke of Sussex has drawn criticism after toppling the US Supreme Court over his ruling to strip constitutional rights to abortion by overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade law.

Royal commentator Kristen Meinzer told Newsweek’s The Royal Report podcast: “We all know that royals shouldn’t get involved in politics, even though we were just talking about how William has been doing it on this show just last week .

“But Harry does, and it’s not subtle at all. This is very openly what he is talking about. He criticizes the United States, what the government is doing, taking away people’s rights. It’s not stealthy at all. This is an open criticism of the US government.”

However, royal correspondent Jack Royston disagreed, saying the Duke had every right to comment given his wife and children are American.

He said: “I don’t think he would ever do that if he was a member of the royal family. However, he is now absent and so the royal convention of not being fully involved in politics no longer applies to Meghan and Harry.

“They have every right to go and say whatever they want about political issues. Here he took a ruling from the US Supreme Court, so it’s almost as controversial, and he did it at the United Nations.”



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