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In this week’s episode we discuss:

Women’s health care

A global survey showed this week that women in the UK are increasingly dissatisfied with the health care they receive and suggested that care here is as bad as Kosovo and Kazakhstan and worse than China. Less surprisingly, the UK came in below the US, Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany. Analysts say the UK’s poor score was due to difficulties in accessing preventive care and the slow diagnosis of chronic pain. Can the NHS do better?

Earth’s inner core

Research conducted at Peking University in Beijing and published Monday in Nature Geoscience shows that Earth’s inner core is now rotating at the same rate as the rest of the planet. This is a recent development: about a decade ago it was spinning faster than the rest of the Earth. What consequences will this have? And why do we know so little about a planet the size of the Moon on a planet deep beneath our feet?

Lunar New Year

This week was the first of the new year in the lunar calendar observed in China and parts of Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, in the Muslim world, we are in 1444 – or 2973 in parts of North Africa. Does it matter how we count the months and the year? And what do our date systems tell us about our culture?


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