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Never let it be said that actor and co-owner of Wrexham AFC, Rob McElhenny, doesn’t go the extra mile for his art.

For the 7th season It’s always sunny in Philadelphiahe gained 50 pounds – that’s how it ended up.


It’s okay if it’s your average body type, but it’s pretty unusual to get ready for a TV show.

As part of the next plot, he not only shed excess weight, but also gained muscle on top of muscle.


In an interview with Men’s Health magazine, which provides monthly advice on how to cut abs, Rob shared the secret of how to get as sharp as him.

@menshealthmag @Rob McElhenney reveals a very simple, completely realistic, incredibly easy way to be ripped like he is #fyp #robmcelhenney #alwayssunny #actor #funny #comedy #develop #exercises # abs #fitnesparady ♬ original sound – Men’s Health Mag

First, if you have a job – like a nine to five job – quit it!

TikTok users appreciated both humor and honesty.

To quote another icon of the screen – Elle Woods from Legally Blonde…

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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney ‘troll’ in Welsh in trailer for their Wrexham AFC documentary

The source Men’s health A picture Screenshot

Rob McElhenney shared the most hilariously honest tips you’ll ever see for getting ‘ripped’

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