This was stated by a British businessman Brexit also had a negative impact on the economy, saying: “Clearly Brexit has had a negative effect and not having part of the single market will affect people in Britain much more than they realise. It is already having a huge impact on people in Britain.

“Our foreign companies are doing much better because they can trade more freely with Europe.”

Mr. Branson made the comments during an interview in which he spoke about the current economic crisis, which has been greatly affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Branson said: “Obviously it’s sad to see what’s going on in the world right now.

“I fought hard against the war in Vietnam, the war in Iraq and the war in Libya …

“Seeing Russia in Ukraine makes me want to cry.

“And the consequences of that have been devastating for the price of oil for everyone, and therefore the cost of living.”

It comes as British motorists have been hit by another spike in oil prices, which hit £88 a barrel just days after protests brought motorways to a standstill.

A total of 13 drivers were arrested for driving too slowly on Monday as they took part in ‘slow’ or ‘slow’ protests on key routes.

In response to record petrol and diesel prices, protesters used ‘curtains’ to stop parts of the M4, M5, M54 and A64 on the England-Wales border.

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Brexit critics have also suggested that the UK leaving the EU is also playing a role in the cost of living crisis.

Senior Tory MP Tobias Ellwood blamed Brexit for the cost of living crisis, claiming it had caused a number of problems because it was “not what most people imagined”.

Mr Ellwood argued that Britain must return to the EU’s single market to overcome these problems and ease the crisis, prompting strong criticism from fellow MPs.

Mr Ellwood wrote in The House magazine: “Let’s not forget that both Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher supported this model, believing that the potential economic benefits outweighed the disadvantages. If joining the single market (with conditions) strengthens our economy, mitigating the cost of living crisis, settling the Irish problem in one fell swoop and advancing our European credentials as we take an ever-increasing leadership role in Ukraine, wouldn’t it be disgraceful to face that reality?”


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